In one day. Tiresome, perhaps. But sometimes I have more to say…

It occurred to me that one of my gifts is that I have never felt inferior to another.

Not as a girl, not as someone who was impoverished (far too much of my lifetime), not because of a lack of a superior education. Dysfunctional childhood, single motherdom, (not a word, but hey), terminal illness, divorce (not once, but twice). None of these things could tear me down.

Sure, there were times when I have lacked in confidence. Along the way my self-esteem has suffered a significant hit or two. However, (and this is the clincher), I never ever doubted that I had the stuff to make it through.

Belief in self. That you are indomitable…that is key.

Tear me down, I will build myself right back up again. I am a survivor. Or, in a parlance I prefer. A stayer.

I shall prevail.


2 responses to “Twice.

  1. I have no doubts👈🏼✊🏼

  2. you can,you will. bless you

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