Hope is whatever is next

I had an interview yesterday where I was asked about places I have travelled to and which was my favorite.

My response was that it was the last place I had visited, and that I took the same approach to my art. My most recent painting/artwork is my favorite.

There is something inherently practical about this approach and I feel it has to do with momentum. Although I am always pleased, I am never quite satisfied. And therefore, I continue to explore. To create. As the Talking Heads said (so wisely), Stay Hungry (And skip the ad. I love me some Joe, but I loathe advertisements).

So yeah. The best is yet to come. I fervently believe that.

I am fortunate that not only am I good friends with my oncologist Alice Shaw, but also her husband Stan. Our relationship is professional but we are also just simpatico. The Stan and Linnea show (my presentations through Harvard Medical School’s Executive Education Department) are just so much fun. There is no one I’d rather be on a dais with than Stan. He has this way of making each of our interactions feel as if it is the first time we’ve spoken. That fresh.

Anyway, I had something to share with Stan yesterday. And in my text to him I added this trivial fact: ‘Tell Alice I can’t die now as it’s just (my life) getting to the interesting part 🙂

And I really do believe that. The best is yet to come.

I just need to be there.

To keep showing up.


2 responses to “Hope is whatever is next

  1. And..keep making Art and traveling, hopefully more [selfishly] with me as our relatively recent adventure was my current favorite!❤️✊🏽

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