Blurred around the edges

So today I’m getting shot full of poison. Almost more difficult to choke down is the hospital lunch (why do hospitals err on the side of economy versus quality?). I stuck to chicken noodle soup, two granola bars, chips and a tiny coke. Tonight I’ll make it all better with some grilled salmon, a baked potato and some zucchini; wisely prepared yesterday.

I spent the balance of my evening watching the ICRF gala online. Hats off to my friend Rob Densen and the rest of crew for pulling off a wonderful virtual gala under challenging circumstances. Hopefully boatloads of money were raised for cancer research in Israel.

It was my honor to make a guest appearance, as evidenced by the photo below. I know you love it when I dish so here’s the scoop. Back when I did the documentary for Pfizer and CNN my skin was an unholy mess (thanks to five years of Lorlatinib and then the addition of chemo). I had sores on my face more aptly described as open wounds. Not very photogenic. And, per my request, the production team did a STELLAR job of retouching.

When I filmed myself for ICRF, I had cleared off a table in my kitchen thinking it a good backdrop with an excellent light source. Well, it was too good (halo effect) and I had to rotate the entire setup. Unfortunately my counter tops had not received the same degree of prep. Therefore, in the video cast, the edges were tastefully blurred out. Appearances maintained!


3 responses to “Blurred around the edges

  1. It was great to see and hear you last night. The whole event was wonderful!

  2. I watched last night and thought you (and your kitchen) looked fantastic!

  3. Looking good1

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