How we spend

Time is both my most precious commodity and a limited resource.

I value every moment, and whenever possible, I tend to spend it wisely.

Except yesterday. The best thing I did yesterday was to make my evening meal the day before.

Yup. I wasted the whole bloody day. Front to end, top to bottom. Watched some Netflix, napped, had an edible for lunch and then another nap followed by more Netflix.

I also walked the dog three times, took out the trash, showered, and did one load of laundry. But that was the sum total of my accomplishments.

Dinner was washed down with a beer followed by two cold drinks (watermelon, ice cubes and vodka in the blender–heavy on the melon, light on the alcohol). In bed by 8 pm.

When I got up this morning I saw the text message my son August had sent at 9 pm. ‘How’s the writing going?’. Well, not. I was busy sleeping off my own little version of a stay-cay.

There is something perversely satisfying about spending what you do not actually have. Just ask my credit card 😉 Seriously though—the idea that I had as much time to waste as the next person and therefore could be totally unproductive for an entire day even without the excuse of feeling poorly. I kinda loved it.

But that was yesterday. Today I am determined to make up for at least some of the slack I created yesterday.

Starting with this blog.


3 responses to “How we spend

  1. You’re entitled!! I’m sure it felt good – but you actually accomplished a lot.

  2. Bravo Linnea, You earned that type of day, I can so relate.✊🏽❤️

  3. Living how you want like you never had the diagnosis is a gift. Your day sounds just perfect.

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