Daily Archives: June 7, 2020

How to extrovert (in a pandemic)

My endoscopy on Monday indicated a normal esophagus. My first thought was that maybe I was just a big flipping baby but my oncologist assured me it simply meant that the discomfort was indeed induced by drug. We decided to hold off one more week—bless this trial for having a four week window. I will return for my next infusion on Wednesday–almost seven weeks after the previous one.

Traveling to the endoscopy was not something I could do alone, as I was sedated. My friend Marc picked me up in the morning, wearing a mask (as did I). He has a small sports car so I rode in the back seat. Brian, also wearing a mask, drove me home. He had totally wiped down the passenger side. Bless my friends for being both so thoughtful and protective.

On Tuesday I went on another date–hiking at an Audubon center in Concord NH. Wednesday a curbside vet appointment for Kumo (little boy has periodontal disease)–he will require a cleaning and some extractions this coming Thursday.

I also managed a couple of zoom meetings, five visits to the studio, another walk with a friend and a picnic in NH. In all cases masks were worn and social distancing observed. Texts and phone calls with my kids, my friends, and a handful of my exes (who are now friends 😉 ). Zooming with Chris Draft (we have a project underway). A trip to the liquor and grocery store.

Dinner on a deck tonight with another friend and her fiancee. Another hiking/dinner al fresco date tomorrow.

Damned if I am not getting the hang of this. It is different but life as we currently know it.

Next week I will take part in a zoom meeting, appear on a virtual panel on precision medicine, and continue conversations with pharma.

There is a chance that my next infusion is going to hit me hard. I am glad I have had a break in which to build stamina–both emotionally and physically. At the moment, I feel GREAT. I think all the interactions with others have played a big role as well–this girl needs people. Big time.