Just can’t stay away

Pretending to sleep selfie 🙂

So today I had the opportunity to visit the Termeer Center in its current incarnation.

My throat hurts so much I got in touch with Dr. Lin yesterday. Although it is almost certainly related to the mucositis, it is odd that I am still in so much discomfort even having skipped my last infusion. The expectation is that by now the mouth sores would have cleared up.

Not. And given that a sore throat can also be related to COVID-19, Dr. Lin thought it might make sense to come in for labs, hydration and a swab.

What a process. I was instructed to make a placard for my car and to park in some designated spaces in a garage that is separate from the Yawkey building. Upon my arrival I called the front desk of the Termeer and two nurses came down to get me. We did not go to the main lobby but rather took a side entrance. Another nurse handed me a surgical mask and hand sanitizer.

When we got to the seventh floor we first stopped in 7B for my bracelet. All the comfy chairs in the waiting room have been replaced with folding chairs that are socially distanced and numbered and there is a big plexiglass facade surrounding the desk.

The Termeer Center had undergone a similar makeover, with plexiglass barriers around the front desk and nurse’s station. Aside from that, the individual rooms looked familiar. However, anyone who entered mine put on a protective gown and face shield first.

After one failed attempt at inserting an IV, the vein whisperer was called in–he once placed IV’s in infants and he nailed my puny vien on the first try. Some waiting around and then a nurse practitioner examined my throat, confirming that I yet had active mucositis. Nonetheless I got tested for COVID-19. Two long swabs, one for each nostril. It was over quickly and not nearly as uncomfortable as some have made it out to be. I should have results by tomorrow morning.

Upon leaving, I was given a barcoded card for FREE parking. Who knew there was such a thing.

Hydrated, I came home to strip off my hospital tainted clothes, shower and a nap. And then I ordered some Aloe Vera Juice and an amino acid supplement called Healios–both suggestions from today’s team.

My expectation is that my COVID results shall be negative–my hope is that I am going to get some relief soon. So very glad that I did not have an infusion last Thursday and that there will not be one this week either–I need some time to heal. And think.


6 responses to “Just can’t stay away

  1. Speechless right now. I just Continue to Hope and pray.
    You remain in my thoughts, the strength you have…
    nothing compares. But you give me strength.
    FREE PARKING? Uhhh, about time!
    Hope the Helios works,

    Hugs and love,
    Courtney’s Mom

  2. Sending loads of virtual sparkly fist bumps your way!

  3. Patti Helfand

    The above 2 said it all. Crossing my fingers and sending healing thoughts.

  4. Deborah DeBarr

    How did your date go? Did you have fun I hope! So you have decided to continue with treatments….best of luck!

  5. Kristen Aliotti

    I think of you every day. Wish there were something I could do. Glad you got a check up. Sending love and hope from California. Read a great Marfa article this morning, actually about 3 West Texas ranches. Thought of you. xoxo

  6. You do have adventures, though they are not always pleasant you did manage a well composed selfie. 👈🏼❤️✊🏼

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