How to be a badass when you’re not actually feeling it

Alright gang. Pandemic and bald head be damned, I am going on a first date tomorrow.

Yessiree bob. Social distancing will be observed (a walk followed by drinks on my deck—six feet of separation).

Truth? I am way nervous. Despite my flagrant display of said bald head in my current online profile, this is my first date ever sans hair.

Our coif. It defines us in so many ways (bad hair day?). It hides a multitude of sins—or at least it feels that way. Being bald is sort of like being naked times 100. Little wispy hairs on my head, no eyebrows, one eyelash—itself an outlier. Let’s hope my dazzling smile and personality shall provide enough distraction.

Were this individual not so compelling I would not put myself out there. However, we have so very much in common and are in total agreement that a pandemic with a partner sucks way less than one without. So, if sparks fly, I will potentially expand my bubble. Wish me luck y’all. Breaking some new ground here. In the unlikeliest of circumstances.


15 responses to “How to be a badass when you’re not actually feeling it

  1. Yes! Get it!

  2. Piece of cake Linnea!!! Good luck and I. do hope there’s some “Static”!!✊🏼

  3. You go girl🌺🌺
    If it doesn’t work out – I will send you my husband (temporarily). He is following me around house – have to go into bathroom to have my alone time.😱
    Seriously, I can’t imagine going thru all you are alone. Best wishes lovely lady.
    10 year survivor in Oct stage 4 NCLC. 👏

  4. Wow! You go, girl! I don’t know if you ever watch The Voice, but there was a woman singer, Cedrice, on the program who had alopecia and was bald. She was gorgeous and captivated the audience. So bald can be very beautiful! Enjoy your date!

  5. You’ve got this!!!

  6. You ROCK!!! Have a great time!!

  7. Enjoy and go for it! You are more courageous than I!

  8. Marie Hazelton


  9. You have a dazzling smile and radiant soul.
    I’m excited for you taking this big, adventurous step.

  10. Best hopes and wishes for you x

  11. You are EVERYTHING! All the time. Much love to you and have fun!!!

  12. Dang, girl! You are remarkable! I hope you have (had) a good time.
    Thank you for living life. No matter what. 💪😎

  13. You got this! Hoping you have a magical (and, how could it not be) unforgettabale time tonight.

  14. Go for it and enjoy!

  15. That’s so awesome. Way to put yourself out there! I hope the sparks fly for the both of you. I started reading your blog several months ago, and it’s so beautifully written, genuine, and honest. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m the host of a podcast called 6 Months or Less and I’m hoping to interview someone who has outlived an original prognosis of six months or less. I’d love to talk with you more and see if this is something you’re interested in or if you know someone who would be. If you’re up for connecting, you can find me through my podcast website or on Twitter @6monthspodcast. Hope to hear from you! And again, I hope you have a great time on your date. 🙂

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