Daily Archives: May 13, 2020

Well this is going to be complicated…

I had scans yesterday and a zoom meeting with Dr. Lin and Dr. Shaw this evening. The ground glass in my right lung shows what appears to be more progression (but they are tiny right now). However, the area at the base of my left lung shows continued improvement.

This, and the relative lack of options, makes my decision harder.

Infusion is scheduled again for tomorrow but given that my mouth is still a mess of sores we are going to wait at least two weeks and then reassess. Ultimately it will be up to me.

Damn. I want to live but I also want to live well. My experience on this trial thus far has been pretty miserable.

However, Alice feels that if we let my mouth heal before another infusion, there is the possibility of ‘resetting’; that the side effects could become more tolerable.

I’ve got an awful lot to ponder.