Little update

I had CT scans and an echocardiogram at MGH yesterday. This time everyone was wearing masks. I had brought an N95 with the little plastic respirator, and while I was in the waiting room (alone), a nurse came out and explained to me that although my mask would protect me, if I had coronavirus it would not protect the health care workers (air flow in and out). So she brought me out two surgical masks and asked me to put them on instead. However two made me a little panicky, as it was difficult to breathe, so I removed one of them.

Evidently I made it out of MGH just in time, as shortly after my departure five explosions rocked the street—not a dumpster fire (!) but rather manholes that were on fire. If it’s not one thing, it’s two. Or five.

Tomorrow I have another infusion scheduled. Unfortunately my mouth sores have not healed–a less than ideal scenario. However we will be going down in dose and unless the CT scan indicates otherwise, it is my sense that my cancer is responding to treatment. I would like to get the mucositis/mouth sores under control, but even if I can’t, I feel it is best to get a few more doses under my belt.

I’ll let you know what those scans say…


4 responses to “Little update

  1. Thinking of you! Hang in there! My state is on government-mandated lockdown except for absolutely necessary services, probably just like MA. I have found that listening to music helps me – most any kind, but especially classical and choral music, since I normally sing in a choir. Gotta get out my stack of CDs.

  2. thanks for the update. I hope the scans show that the drug is working.amazing how you can’t even protect yourself at the doctors office. looking forward to the next update.

  3. Glad you made it through tests yesterday and are going to give the infusion a shot (bad pun), Linnea. I had my biopsy today at GT and not a single
    manhole exploded. Let’s keep pushing! 💪🙏🏻😎 Greta

  4. Magic mouthwash helped mine from the radiation I had to my lower jaw bone. My mouth was on fire! Also a friend’s sister in law a hygienist gave me an extra soft toothbrush + built-in sensitivity relief pen with gel. “Colgate Sensitive” by the makers of Enamal Health (says that on the package). Maybe a dentist near you may have it. That was a heaven sent when it came to keeping my teeth brushed! All the best, thinking of you ❤️

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