Rattle and roll

I was exhausted last night. Rightly so, I imagine.

As I lay in bed, I could feel the powerful impact of two different cytotoxic agents on all the various bits of me. Havoc was being wreaked, like some marauder in the garden.

I went with this garden imagery, the cancer in my lungs a persistent and deeply rooted weed. And I pictured it being torn asunder, plucked from the substrate of my flesh, shaken violently, bent, torn, limp, lifeless. Every last cell of it.

When I awakened this morning the sound in my lungs had changed in timbre. The crackle of leather had been replaced with something akin to a broken tea cup. Very fine bone china, rattling around.

Hmmm, I thought. This is an improvement. What was hidebound now feels looser, dryer, easier to dislodge.



7 responses to “Rattle and roll

  1. What powerful imagery, Praying (Don’t know your thoughts on prayer, but I am going with mine)

  2. Definitely ONWARD! Sending you support and love.

  3. Linnea, As you know I am a Hypnotherapist (from a previous life…) One very significant thing I learned and implemented frequently is the kind of direct visualization you did in your lungs! I know first hand that this works, you now our minds are far more powerful than we recognize and that connection to our bodies is very real!! You can try creating some kind of “helper” avatar, give it a color, Green is for the lungs, and have it/them apply their/it’s “Hands” to all the areas in your lung(s) where the Cancer is specifically! I would make the “hands” glowing, Green paddles!!

  4. onward, now, and always.
    sending you a big, gentle hug

  5. I haven’t been commenting last few weeks because my words don’t seem to match the circumstances – a serious battle for your health. But I do want you to know I have you in my thoughts, on my calendar (to remember regularly), and at the top of my list for hopes for good results! All the best. Reading your every word. Wishing it was a different situation, but trying to accept. And have your power of visualization! xoxo

  6. Love your words. Eloquent and meaningful in such a good way.

    Thank you!!

  7. Linnea, you continue to floor me with your eloquent description of something hideous. You are so so creative and powerful!! Praying all the time for you.

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