Last night I lay in bed and imagined my life before me. And it stretched wide and far—a great space in my imagination. Clear, the faint blue of of a pale robin’s egg or the edge of evening.

I got this feeling that it is not over. I got this feeling that like a child pushed on a swing, I shall travel up and out. That I will keep moving. That I am not done.


9 responses to “Arc

  1. I certainly pray you are not done, he is not ready for you yet and too many of us need your grace here💖

  2. Linnea, Most certainly❤️✊🏼

  3. Yes! Right!

  4. Love the picture as well as your sentiments. Thinking of you.

  5. This post makes my heart happy!

  6. Your heart and spirit are much larger than life. You continue to be an inspiration ❤️

  7. Dear Lovely Linnea, I haven’t met you but I love reading your cancer chronicle,you are absolutely inspirational . It is a year in Dec since my diagnosis with stage 4 NSCLC which later transformed into SCLC. Hope to meet you in person sometimes soon.

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