Oh boy

Back to the hard drugs. Yessiree bob, tomorrow I add carboplatin and pemetrexed to my daily dose of lorlatinib.

Today I stocked up on chicken soup, fruit salad and crackers. My couch, blanket and a fresh magazine are at the ready. Kumo will be spending a few days with Susan, the incredibly kind woman who watches him when I travel.

I shall be driving myself to the hospital–but my friend Jenny and my youngest son Peter are both meeting me for infusion, which will make it all a bit more festive.

As much as I am dreading this (no, it doesn’t get easier), I am also chomping at the bit to switch things up. My cancer is getting just a little too cocky.

So yeah, bring it. I’ll be wearing my diamond earrings, the ones set in platinum. 😉

18 responses to “Oh boy

  1. Yes to the diamond earrings!!!
    Hang in there!

  2. Wishing you well

  3. I hope it goes well. You are the best at hangin in.😍❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Your spirit is indomitable and I love your sense of humor — rock those earrings!

  5. Diamonds are the only way to do chemo. Wish I was as clever as you!

    Good decision on the chicken soup. It really does help.

    Hugs coming your way.


  6. You’ve got this!


    Sent from Dawn Horner’s iPhone


  7. Tiffiany Cole Hora

    You certainly are a diamond in the ruff. A force no doubt. xo

  8. It sucks. I’ll be thinking about you.

  9. You are as bright as those earrings!
    Our thoughts are going to be with you, and all love.

  10. Sending you love and fight!

  11. Sending love, hugs & support. Love the bling earrings!

  12. Sending many positive thoughts, , Diamonds love it, it’s all about the SPARKLE!!!!

  13. Linnea, Cancer better watch out as a very strong woman is attacking!✊🏼❤️

  14. Right there with you, Sister. Six weeks ago I started four rounds of carbo/keytruda/ alimta. PET scan on Friday to see if I get to continue with round 3. I was on a combo of half-doses of xalkori and alectinib. When straight Alectinib failed me, we found out (through Spacewalk) that I have a MET amplification. That combo seems to have been slowly killing me. I ended up in the hospital 4 nights.
    I hope this is a great combo for you. The only negatives I’ve noticed are my old neuropathy (from 2010) has gotten more intense and I’m shaky a lot of the time.
    All the best! Gail

  15. Now that is a lot of meds! I wish you peace, comfort, calm audio books, warm soup and most importantly healing sleep. Best of luck on this journey. xoxo Kim

  16. you are perfectly right – It doesn’t get easier – Haven’t needed that combination for a fair while – But I remember it – I feel for you
    The very best of luck with it xx

  17. Just saw this. Hope the-day-after is better than the-chemo-day and each subsequent day is less ugly. You are one tough cookie, and I’m eternally grateful for that. xo maryw

  18. Linnea….to me (and to so many of us) you are associated with the strength and indomitability of our HERO Tom Marsilje.
    Please think of him….urging you onward…..with the strength and determination for which you are known and loved.
    Love to you.

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