Daily Archives: December 4, 2019

Oh boy

Back to the hard drugs. Yessiree bob, tomorrow I add carboplatin and pemetrexed to my daily dose of lorlatinib.

Today I stocked up on chicken soup, fruit salad and crackers. My couch, blanket and a fresh magazine are at the ready. Kumo will be spending a few days with Susan, the incredibly kind woman who watches him when I travel.

I shall be driving myself to the hospital–but my friend Jenny and my youngest son Peter are both meeting me for infusion, which will make it all a bit more festive.

As much as I am dreading this (no, it doesn’t get easier), I am also chomping at the bit to switch things up. My cancer is getting just a little too cocky.

So yeah, bring it. I’ll be wearing my diamond earrings, the ones set in platinum. 😉