What really keeps me going

Y’all. Really truly.

Now I get a big kick out of nature–simple things like the murmur of crows that passed over my car as I drove home this evening. That moon. That sun.

But people. I really love people.

Couldn’t even tell you if I am an extrovert or an introvert because I do like my alone time. But I feed off of interactions with other human beings.

I know people can do some really shitty things. But we are, for the most part, so incredibly fine. I believe this with all my heart. And I also believe that what you believe will manifest.

So therefore I have the good fortune of going through life loving my fellow kind. Although dogs are pretty damn good, people are my absolute favorite animal. Fascinating, confounding, complex. Never a dull moment.

Capable of love, perhaps the most magical trick of all.

Love. A quality which renders us vulnerable but also lends us the power of going beyond. Beyond hate, beyond separation, beyond illness, beyond death. Even more powerful than hope, love. Love lives on even when hope is lost. Love is immortal.

I am blessed with love. Lots and lots of love. Received and given.

Keep it coming.

And going.


7 responses to “What really keeps me going

  1. Having a good support system of loving family & friends is so key to getting through this battle. My beautiful son & daughter have given me the strength to move forward & not give up! I want to be here to see all their milestones & dogs, yes! They are the frosting on the cake! 🐾🐾❤️

  2. And like Anne Lamott says,” Love bats last.”

  3. I live my life in fear, I try to think positive and I believe in God praying for a natural cure

  4. You nailed it, yet again! Even the dog part.

  5. Sending you my Love Linnea!!❤️

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