The goddess takes another gig

Alice called me two days ago to share the news that she would be leaving MGH at the end of November for a position at Novartis as VP, Global Head of Translational Clinical Oncology. 

My first thought was that I was grateful she was staying in the Boston area. And then my heart sank anyway. However Alice quickly assured me that she would retain one half day of clinic and so could still see patients. I was also concerned as to the impact on the clinical trial I am waiting for (it is a trial she has designed), but evidently that will still be a go.

Obviously this is something of a loss on a personal level, but I nonetheless greeted the news with overall enthusiasm. Alice will remain a champion of ALK+ and ROS1+ cancers and will be directing her energy in the lab to developing more treatment options. I am relieved that she will remain a clinician but I also believe that by focusing on discovery, Alice will use her formidable talents to the benefit of many more people.

Change is difficult and I know this was not an easy decision for Alice. I’m excited for her and incredibly proud of all she has accomplished. I also believe her experience in the clinic will translate to a sense of urgency in the lab–she will remain a fierce advocate for patients.

My dream team is going to get a remodel. I will miss the old look. But I also want Alice to be in a position where she can do more faster–to the benefit of the greater good. Alice wants that as well, which is why she is making this career move. So really, there’s just one thing to say.

You go girl.



8 responses to “The goddess takes another gig

  1. Change is definitely difficult!!! But I hope this will work out well for both of you.

  2. One gets really attached to the medics who look after us especially the ones who are brilliant medically and relationally – Am sure you would miss her – Your love and appreciation for her shines thru’ your posts – Change is hard – xx

  3. Stephanie Yocum

    Go Alice Go!!!

  4. I had the same sentiments on the news. This should be better for the ALK & ROS1 team, and might even enable a relevant new drug(s) to come to trial before I run out of time.

  5. Congratulations to Alice & glad to hear she will still be seeing her patients, especially you her “Star” pupil! You both give us hope & strength to move forward! I know she will push things to “fast forward”! ❤️

  6. I’m so glad you’ll still get to work with her and that the trial is moving forward for you despite the change. I have loved working with Dr. Shaw and with her team. I’m not sure when or if I’ll return to MGH for care in the future, but I am truly grateful my life was touched by the goddess! Also, her clinic wins my prize for best view from the waiting area windows! Best wishes to you Linnea. Thanks for your graceful insight about this transition.

  7. Dearest Linnea, Please recall how traumatic and terrifying it was when Dr. Thomas Lynch announced to you that he would no longer be seeing patients. I remember you commenting on it in a post. And because Peter & I had the same experience when he informed Peter he was making a move. But, he didn’t leave you high and dry. He led you to your goddess! Change is always scary, but can lead to some amazing discovery! I believe that will be the case with Dr. Shaw. She will (has already) do great things. I know that in my heart! AND!, you will still see her; PHEW! XXOO

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