Climbing trees

I have no fear of heights and I love to scale things. Trees in my youth, some rock climbing in my twenties, scaffolding and the coupling of freight trains in my fifties.

Well, it would seem I’ve circled back to trees and this time I am way out on a limb.

I had my routine scans last Friday. Afterward I texted Alice to let her know I was certain they would show progression, based on my physical symptoms. My scan review was to be this Thursday with my nurse practitioner rather than Alice and I wanted to make certain the two of them talked options prior to my visit.

After Alice had a chance to review my scans personally, I received a text from the Goddess herself. ‘Just wanted to chat. Thanks.’ Alice has been my oncologist for more than eleven years now. I can read between the lines with relative ease and I knew that if my assertion was incorrect–that my scans had in fact showed stability–a reassuring text would have sufficed.

I had a dry run for my panel yesterday morning and Alice was tied up in meetings so it would be quite a few more hours until we had a window in which to speak. Back in the day this would have undone me but years of living with this situation have lent me a certain calmness.

Our conversation was brief but confirmed that my scans do indeed show progression. Likely more troubling to Alice are my cough and the accompanying wheeze from my left lung.

My Thursday scan review has been moved to Friday, and I will meet with Alice rather than my nurse practitioner. We will discuss possible options as well as timing. It all feels a bit like firing a gun with an empty chamber.

And yet I know Alice will come up with something–likely combining lorlatinib with some other therapy. I will keep my ship pointed toward the shore. Hope is not cheap but I have made more out of less.


7 responses to “Climbing trees

  1. Best wishes Linnea, although I don’t know you personally I have followed your blogs for awhile. I am sure if I had stayed in Bradford we would have become fast friends somewhere walking our little white dogs.

  2. You looked fantastic and the picture of health in the Barcelona photo. Hope there is something Dr Shaw can come up with!!!!

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  3. If anyone can, you and Shaw can. Sending love to you Linnea.

  4. I’m a new reader to your wonderful blog and wanted to pass along my positive thoughts and prayers for your good health, Linnea.

  5. Lynn,

    My thoughts are with you. You are an incredible inspiration on how to live! I hope you find some joy in every day.

  6. Linnea, Just remember that Shore has endless structures and supporters there for you and all are perfectly willing to come out in any vessel, or to swim, for any assistance needed!❤️✊🏼

  7. Hope anchors the soul keep that shop going in my prayers

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