Riding the wave

Water is such an excellent metaphor/medium when I think about this life of mine. At times I have been out to sea. Adrift, drowning, occasionally frozen. Pummeled by one big wave only to have another come crashing down the moment I came up for air.

I love water. My childhood home abutted an irrigation pond the size of a proper lake. I spent winters skating and summers swimming. When iced over, the pond would sometimes groan just before a crack ripped across the surface. In summer I would lie with my face pressed to the boards of a wooden raft, watching as fish schooled in the green dappled water below.

In terms of metaphor, the last few months have resembled a tsunami. As indicated previously, moving was not my choice. Originally my landlord wanted me out by June 1 but we reached an ‘agreement’ allowing me to stay until August 31. That meant I had a little less than four months to pull it all together—locating housing, packing up, moving. My almost three week trip to Italy had already been planned, and I also traveled for advocacy. So four months quickly became three.

Physically, this is one of the most difficult tasks I have ever undertaken. As my loft had been a live/work space, it housed my vintage clothing business, art studio and the accoutrements of everyday life. I am also what is euphemistically referred to as a collector; inquisitive/acquisitive with books as one of my greatest sins. This was a monumental task.

However, I’ve learned a thing or two about crisis management. One foot in front of the other and don’t look down. I focused first on finding a new apartment. It had to be affordable, dog friendly, close to Boston. Ideally I would know someone in the area.

I put a lot of effort into finding just the right place but I also lucked out. Our new home is fabulous—the bottom floor of an old house in Bradford, MA. My dear friend Marc is half a mile away–I can walk there in under ten minutes and we are now in the habit of sharing a glass of wine on his front porch. With Marc’s help I located a dog sitter for Kumo three blocks away. The neighbors are wonderful and the mailman keeps dog biscuits in his pocket.

Moving proved incredibly stressful–at times both improbable and seemingly impossible. However, I am mighty proud of the fact that I got it done. Conceivably that mighty wave could have swept me under.

Instead I found a way to surf the damn thing.

17 responses to “Riding the wave

  1. Well done!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! From a person who grew up near the water in MA.

  3. “One foot in front of the other and don’t look down”
    Is a great metaphor for this cancer journey. Surfing the dang wave is even better! Thank you!

  4. So ironic, 7 years ago I left my marriage and moved into an old apartment in Bradford. A year late I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Although I had worked in the Haverhill school system for many years living there was another thing. Since then I have embraced living in Bradford but as of Tuesday I will be leaving permanently for Florida. So sad but they say change is good. As long as this cancer is stable I am going to let the sun shine down on me. Enjoy Bradford it is a great little part of Haverhill

  5. Linnea,
    I am so happy you live your new home!! It sounds perfect for you and Kumo. Your friend Mark living so close is a big plus. Just want you to know how much I love the way you describe life. Your words are powerful. In time, I would love to get your new address.🤗

  6. Hello! Linnea,
    So glad to see your post today & happy to hear you got through it all… I too, have a parallel situation, sold a very large home of 20 years in February. Took me 5 months to pack, donate, sell & store.
    I still can’t believe what I did!! The most difficult, my lab Jade, a Guiding Eyes dog of 13 years, passed one week before our move. I rented a house by the beach to spend some time with her, after this move & the best laid plans went astray. She was such a support system for me, as I’m sure your dogs have been. I really believe she didn’t want to move out of the home she knew for her thirteen years.
    So a piece of my heart has gone with her, but she taught me how to enjoy life in the moments we have together here. So congratulations to you & me on a monumental task that not many could have accomplished!! ❤️🐾🐾❤️

    • High five! Moving is a bitch. I am so sorry about your canine companion–really hard. I am glad you had her and that you had that time together at the beach house. Enjoy your new home.


  7. Glad for an update and what an accomplishment! Just in time to enjoy New England fall.

  8. “Instead I found a way to surf the damn thing.”
    To me your article sounds more like you were triumphant over the wave that was sent you. In fact most of your posts give me the feeling that someone is triumphant. That’s you!

  9. It’s just a wave after all!❤️✊🏼

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