Patients talk about Clinical Trials

Couple of my friends/fellow panelists shared this video on facebook and I felt I probably ought to do the same. This is from last spring–thank you Bonnie Addario for inviting us to participate and share our experiences and viewpoints. Together we are moving that needle.

2 responses to “Patients talk about Clinical Trials

  1. You are amazing, Linnea! Thank you for all you do to get info out to the public (all areas of the public)!

  2. Hi Linnea, thanks for putting up the video of you and the panel on the trials that you have gone through for lung cancer. Thanks to people like you it is helping people like me that have been diagnosed later. I was diagnosed in June 2017 with stage III non small cell lung cancer and I appreciate the extra knowledge that my Oncologist now has from these different trials. I am now stage IV after surgery to remove part of my right lung and on my third round of chemo with an addition of an immunotherapy. I just wanted to say thank you for doing the trials along with the expense, emotions and the reactions that your body had to deal with along the way. I wish you success in your new round of treatments.

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