The ugly


After fourteen years and three clincal trials, my veins are as heavily trafficked as a junkie’s. And getting a needle in there is not for the faint of heart.

The first nurse who tried to take my blood in the ER simply gave up. No shit. “A new shift is coming on” she said. Several hours later nurse number two gave it a go and the aftermath is above.

Clearly all phlebotomists are not created equally. Thank the heavens I am not needle phobic or I might have given up the ghost long ago.

I share this little bit of ugliness simply to remind all that cancer is a multi-faceted disease. There is the injury but also the insult. The simple but not so simple little shit that we all put up with on a daily basis.

The collateral damage that comes from living with a chronic disease that requires both constant treatment and attendant monitoring. I mean, I can’t even fathom the amount of blood that has now been drawn from my body. Liters upon liters. Years upon years.

Just part of the price I pay to hang with y’all a little bit longer.

8 responses to “The ugly

  1. Poor thing. I’ve been there. Worth the bruises to stay alive.

  2. Keep hanging in there!!!

  3. Ouch! Keep hanging please!!! I’m almost 10 years in and don’t think missed one of your post I sometime silently listen but can always relate… feel your pain so sorry! Keep kicking AZZ!!!

  4. I’m so glad you’re hanging with us. I chewed out a phlebotomist today. I never do that! Perhaps not my best today.

  5. What you wrote is so true. My cancer can be manageable at the present but I can still be so f…ing sick. Trying to stay alive takes alot out of a person.

  6. Have you thought of having a port put in. I had to do that for the same reason. I have never regretted that decision. Before I got it in, bloodwork and IVs were a point of serious anxiety, and un-necessary pain. Besides the bruising, I do hope you are well 💕
    Anne Marie

  7. Marie Hazelton

    I am very glad you are here to hang with us all but sorry for short supply of veins. Remain strong and keep looking up 💖😊

  8. Terry also got a port for the same reason as Anne Marie. And when they don’t use it because it requires a nurse who has training to access them and they are not always available, they find better success using a paediatric needle.
    Hope the physical bruising is gone soon. It’s the “soul” bruising that fighting this disease that no doubt takes a bigger toll. Sorry you had to endure this.

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