I am at an interesting place. Truly.

Part of this comes from an overriding sense of it’s time to close up shop-ness. A nice way of saying, I might be dying.

That. But also (and this is the scenario I much prefer), all that hard work is paying off. I’m talking about personal growth and my quest to be a better, saner version of myself. Not long ago my son Peter, our little mensch, made the observation that I was at my most reasonable. I realize that sounds like an incomplete sentence but I knew exactly what he meant. It’s a high compliment and just like my favorite word ok, does not overstate.

I’ve been through a little bit of hell in this lifetime of mine. The good news is there is always a potential benefit to struggle. Think of it as stairs versus escalator. They both get you to the same place but one gives you a bit of a workout, thereby building muscle.

I am strong in body and in spirit. And also brave enough to regard myself with compassion but not charity. This is thread the needle time. And if I want to hold it all together I need to lighten the load. Let go of what is not essential. Revel in that which is.

Reach. But also maintain reason. Rise to the occasion.




11 responses to “Clarity.

  1. What a statement! Thank you for sharing your life, struggles, growth, and wisdom ,hard won, with us.
    You are amazing.

  2. WOW! Amazing Linnea!

  3. Thank you so much for putting this out there. I’m a Nurse working in Oncology Research, and I’ve found your words and insight tremendously helpful in my own life and career. I honestly can’t thank you enough for sharing this piece of your life.

  4. You always rise to the occasion Linnea xx

  5. You are my favorite person to look up to. Thank you for sharing your adventures since I found you in 2011. You have gave me hope and living everyday to the fullest.
    Love you.

  6. Beautiful Linnea. Thank you.

  7. Dear Linnea, I get it! Thank you for all of your knowing, pathfinding, hard work, clarity and love. We only met one time at 7B on coffee & donut day, but I feel like I really know you. I will truly miss your posts, but most of all you!
    Love you.

  8. So very beautifully said 💕 I completely agree with your response. Post 9 years left lower lobectomy for adenocarcinoma. I had been also diagnosed with Jak 2 an acquired mutation a couple years before the lung cancer. All had been quiet. Until this year. So now high probability of a blood cancer.
    After never smoking and acquiring lung cancer, I finally realized what “you only have this moment” meant. I’m going with that 🙏☀️ Blessed to still be here.
    Sending peace and hugs your way 🌈

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