Oh yeah

I think my kids likely know me better than anyone else. And last night my youngest sent me this message:

It’s such an accurate and succinct summary of who I am. Complacency equals complicity is one of my guiding principles. Speaking up and out is integral to everything I believe in.

But I also like to keep a low profile; not make a fuss until it’s really necessary. Confrontation isn’t something I enjoy, but at times it is unavoidable.

To this end I am fearless. Not that it was always so–first I had to get to a place where I no longer felt constrained by what other’s thought of me. Now that’s a super power–not giving a fuck. But (and this is a big but) only if it is combined with integrity and a lack of ego/personal agenda. I mean, you don’t want to be obnoxious or oblivious to the comfort of others. Or, at least, I don’t.

I also (ahem) don’t have much respect for authority. Never did. Ask my parents or all the school administrators that I was on a first name basis with. In fact, I don’t really recognize authority. Expertise and wisdom, yes. But rules? Again, I have no desire to make life tougher than it needs to be, for me or for you. But I shall always question the status quo. Anything that is a human construct will be taken only so seriously. I’m pretty certain why was my first first word. And then not. As in, why not?

Truth. Equity. Veracity. Courage. These are my go-to words now. And if that means trouble, well, I can deal.

18 responses to “Oh yeah

  1. You go, girl! Why was one of my words from the time I was little!

  2. Truth. Equity. Veracity. Courage. You are amazing.

  3. I can go with that – Wish I could be like that too although occasionally self-pity does kick out unjustifiably – Better to keep control then when it is necessary it will be more effective

    “But I also like to keep a low profile; not make a fuss until it’s really necessary. Confrontation isn’t something I enjoy, but at times it is unavoidable.”


    • Yes–I have been a path of improvement when it comes to self control. No rashly spent emotion or energy 🙂

      xo Linnea

  4. “There are no rules”…My mantra 😁

  5. LOVE this so much. You rock, Linnea!

  6. Amen to that!!! Xo

  7. Face it; you’re a Bad Ass! That’s one of the many things I love about you. And questioning authority, with your succinct qualifiers (mostly, that you know what you’re talking about!), makes you the best kind of bad ass; one that actually makes a difference!
    I love what your youngest said. That’s brilliant. Love everything you stand for!

  8. I want to be just like you when I grow up! Seriously!

  9. You are truly a wordsmith. How you write has as much impact as the message you are wanting to get across. And the message is always a powerful punch in the stomach first whiff of coffee kind of message.

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