Oh boy oh boy

One wet but clean dog.

The last time I got a flat I was nineteen and a bouncer from an adjacent bar changed my tire.

In the years hence I’ve just hoped it wouldn’t happen again. Not a very good action plan. And yesterday, those chickens came home to roost. However, given the fact that my mechanic told me more than a year ago that I needed new tires, I am extremely fortunate that when one finally blew, I wasn’t on the freeway. In fact, I had just driven out of the parking lot of the lofts.

So I eased my car back into the lot. Called my mechanic and ordered a set of new tires, edging that credit card a tad closer to max. Texted Brian, who responded that he’d be around later and could help. Went back out to the parking lot to see if I could figure this shit out on my own but didn’t have to, as I ran into my neighbor Jeff. Got a little lesson in tire changing which came to an abrupt halt when the tire wouldn’t budge.

I went back indoors and called AAA and opened up a membership. Learned that if I needed a road assist that day it would be an additional $45 charge, but if I waited until midnight, it would be covered by my nascent membership.

I call AAA first thing this morning and a nice man in a white van and a fluorescent green smock showed up shortly thereafter. He pried the frozen tire off; saying ‘sometimes it just takes a power tool and a big hammer.’ Which could be some sort of motto for life.

Kumo, who had forgone his morning walk, took a ride with me to the mechanic. And then we traipsed 2.5 miles home, through the snow and slush, walking in the road most of the time as very few sidewalks in Lowell get shoveled. By the time we got here, my formerly white dog was rather gray and I popped him in the tub for a quick bath.

My across the hall neighbor had hung a bag with two brownies in it on my doorknob. I hungrily ate the brownies, made some coffee, and arranged a raincheck on the date I was to have tonight later. All this and it wasn’t even noon yet.

Ballin’ on a budget 😉

3 responses to “Oh boy oh boy

  1. Oh boy! Kumo is gorgeous btw. And there are so many other things I’d like to spend my money on than tires!
    Quite a trek back!

  2. Kumo is so handsome. ‘sometimes it just takes a power tool and a big hammer.’ – love it. Thank you for you, Linnea

  3. Oh my goodness! What a morning but you had a beautiful partner 🐾🐾 to help get you through! You so impressed me with your walk!
    My greatest frustration is shortness of breath which limits some of my activities! Was just recommended to do pulmonary rehabilitation.. that’s next! ❤️

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