Just another Sunday in Paradise

There is a place on the bridge of my nose that will not heal. Last night I noticed that it corresponded perfectly with the rim of a wine glass so I’m calling it a wine scab. Occupational hazard, if you will.

Prior to our walk this morning I dabbed it with some Neosporin and unwrapped a bandaid to put across my nose, reflecting that in some other neighborhoods this would be a signifier that my plastic surgeon had just touched me up. I laughed when I saw that the bandaid was emblazoned with Mickey Mouse–these puppies must have been on clearance–but I adhered it to my nose anyway.

Cold, cold morning so puffy jackets for both me and my dog. His purple, mine gray. Giant white sunglasses which almost hid the bandaid and black hoody over silvery watch cap.

The sun was out and by the time we got to the park I was both singing and whistling ‘Good Morning Starshine.‘ Badly but boldly and punctuated now and again by a cough. Soon Kumo assumed a pooping position and just as he got started the church bells bells began to chime. I looked around and thought how perfect it all is.

My sanctuary. My Sunday.

It’s so very good to be alive.


8 responses to “Just another Sunday in Paradise

  1. Love your musings

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  2. Great attitude Linnea!
    Happy Sunday!

  3. I just love you so much Linnea!!!

  4. Karen cunningham

    Thank you for always making me laugh. Be careful of further occupational hazards. But not too careful!

  5. Hi Linnea, I agree with Linda above. I just love you so much! I know we met only once on 7B, so it may seem crazy. I love that you have made so many other ALK inflicted people and their loved ones (me included), aware of so many details, treatments, and options, as well as, helped to reduce the fear, and hopelessness that this overwhelming shit show delivers, while still maintaining some joy, humor, and gratitude doing it. I am so grateful that Peter & I had your blog to help guide us, as I’m sure so many of your readers are.
    I can’t deny that I worry about you and your family. So it may sound corny, but I dedicated my yoga practice to you this afternoon. It is kind of like praying for you. I asked for you to receive strength, clarity, and calm during this scary time. After reading this post, it seems like maybe it’s working.

  6. Yes, Linnea it most certainly is. As weird, challenging and wonderful as it is, this is what we have❤️✊🏼

  7. I love that! All of it. I’m surprised that I do not have a wine-related hazard! Lovelovelove to you.

  8. Enjoyed reading your blog. Could you send me a email address?

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