Oh Lorbrena

Like some fancy fantasy girlfriend, the drug formerly known as lorlatinib has been rebranded Lorbrena. And not a cheap date, Lorbrena. Check out these over the counter prices for a months supply:

However, even given her top shelf status, my Lorbrena is handed over in a brown paper bag to be carted home wino style. A brown paper bag that evidently blends into the surroundings so very well, I simply forgot it was there.

Yep. One whole week without taking my cancer meds. Blame it on stress; they sprayed my loft for bedbugs for the third time this week, on the same day I was getting surgery on four ingrown toenails that are an apparent side effect of hanging out with Lobrena all these years. And change; August and Lily moving out did a number on me. Then there’s memory; I just can’t. Remember. And it’s getting worse with time.

So there you have it. Gotta say, I enjoyed my little respite but starting up again resulted in a full on case of the runs and the shakes; just like our first date so very many years ago. And now, in order to keep this relationship on track, I need to begin (duh) setting an alarm to remind me to take my meds. That is, if I can remember to. Maybe I’ll even start filling out the daily diary (I usually do it in the office and when my nurse comes in, I sing a little song ‘making shit up, making shit up.’ Honestly. I am not non compliant for the sake of non compliance but those diaries are busy work. And, this being 2019, you might think we’d have a more sophisticated mechanism for capturing supposed data than a worksheet. I’m over it.

But the taking of the meds? I need to be on it.

3 responses to “Oh Lorbrena

  1. Linnea, what a nightmare. This stuff just does not stop. The drug I take for lung cancer is over $18,000.00 a month. The drug I receive for Ulcerative Colitis via infusion every other month is over $19,000.00 a month. One is over 2,000.00 a month co pay; the other $895.00 every other month co pay. Pfizer helps me. No help on the $895.00 yet. The cancer drug has so many side effects, I live sort of like a shut in. Just once, I want to read your blog stating that all is great. No bills, no bugs, no side effects, no anxiety. I am picturing that state for you. Nancy

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  2. Hi Linnea,
    I think I read a while back that you know a man who is a whiz in the medical insurance world. Does this ring a bell? If so, I am hoping to find him so that I can ask some questions about Medicare , Plan D, and Supplement Insurance plans that are good for cancer patients. I am terrified of the rollover and I really need to get this information together cause I turn 65 in May. I am nervous about the high cost of our life lines… in fact I am really pissed about the high cost, just need some guidance and maneuvering the choppy waters coming up.
    Thanks for reading this ramble,
    Nancy Evans

  3. There’s an app for that. I would be lost without it. Web Md or another one will remind you daily.

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