Where your thoughts hang out

My daughter Jemesii was an amazingly precocious child. Highly verbal and given to preternatural wisdom. One day, at the ripe old age of maybe two, she said something that I shall never forget: ‘Dreams are where your thoughts go at night.’

Well yes, of course. Seemingly a simple observation but oh so much more.

Dreams are one of the reasons I love to sleep. When I am dreaming it is as if I have opened the door from one place to another. A magical place, strange and yet so familiar. From one self (waking) to another (sleeping).

Over the past two nights I’ve had a pair of dreams that seemed particularly powerful. In the first I am watching four elk graze when they turn and start moving toward me. Then I see the tiger. And then the tiger sees me. I begin to run and the only shelter is a screened in porch. I get there just before the tiger and quickly latch the door. To my surprise and great relief, the tiger simply regards me through the flimsy wood frame and wire mesh and then turns to go. I think to myself that sometimes a simple barrier is enough to protect oneself from danger. But there is more. Because this barrier is transparent, I can still see the tiger. Now he is far below and menacing a group of people gathered on the beach. They do the oddest thing (or perhaps it is the only thing to do, although I think I would have jumped into the water). They simply turn their backs to the tiger and of course this does nothing to stop him from attacking.

In the second dream I am standing in a series of lines, waiting to get into a cafeteria. At one point a number of us sit together on a wall and I share the fact that the previous night I had been very stoned while looking at the night sky. And that I had been able to hear the throb and hum of the universe. This is met with silence but an Indian man, who is also some sort of teacher, approaches me later and says ‘Absolutely. It is all moving, all the time, and that is what you heard. I too have felt it.’ The subtle (or not so subtle) wind of existence. Life. Energy. It. Us. Connected.

Where my thoughts go during the day: a captured moment.

7 responses to “Where your thoughts hang out

  1. Your daughter was brilliant at two years of age . I am 56 and what she said to two years of age has resonated with me. She is so right!

  2. You have a gift with words and images. Apparently even your subconscious mind has that gift.

  3. Dear Linnea – Keep dreaming. I read this today and thought about you immediately. You are so up to date on what is happening in the lung cancer community and I thought I would pass this along. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6635271/British-lung-cancer-patients-benefit-lifesaving-surgery-microwaves-tumours.html

  4. WOW! I love your dreams. Yes, yes, so much better to see the enemy. “The wind of existence.” Powerful stringing of words. Connected we are. Lovelovelove to you.

  5. Hi! Linnea,
    I am always analyzing my dreams… it is amazing what comes out of our subconscious in our state of sleep. The elks are symbolic of “power” & can mean victory after you have put everything on the line. This might be representative of everything you are going through recently & finding yourself in the “thick” of it… The tiger represents “brave souls” & “strength of will”… so appropriate of what I know about you. Keep dreaming! Linnea! All good things! ❤️

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