Perfect alignment

The first thing I saw upon opening my eyes today was the planet Mars. Cold little fire in the early morning sky.

‘Hey Mars’, I said. ‘Save me.’ To which Mars calmly replied: ‘I got nothing.’

Honestly, I was somewhat taken aback. But as I stared across the millions of miles of space, I saw not Mars but the light of the Sun, reflected. And I thought about the other side of this star-like planet, now sheathed in darkness. A jet passed high above. I pictured the passengers inside, people on their way somewhere. So far and yet so close as well.

A bird flew past the window; fast. And then some more, buffeted by the breeze. Mars was growing dimmer, and I had to concentrate to keep it in focus. Two more jets, their contrails now lit by the rising Sun. Seagulls, playfully riding the thermals.

All this I could see. Yet the air was also filled with microorganisms, invisible to the eye but very much part of this marvelous froth of life. I felt this overwhelming connection to everything and nothing, as nothing was actually something. And I understood with a clarity that felt like pure joy that even when I was no longer me, life would go on.

At last glance, the bright planet was obscured by daylight. Far, far away. There, but not there.

Thanks for nothing Mars 😉

22 responses to “Perfect alignment

  1. This is very beautiful. You inspire me so often, and comfort me too! xx Liz

  2. Hello! Linnea
    Glad to hear u got through your bedbug nightmare! U are certainly “ the glass half full”
    person, always trying to find the positive slant of life. A model for us all, facing the unknown everyday with hope… I know you are an artist but your writing is also extraordinary…
    You certainly have beautiful insight & find humor in the most unhumorous situations.
    Thank you for your inspiration! ❤️

    • Valerie, I was an extraordinarily negative child. I worked very hard to get that glass half full—it is a much nicer way to live.

      xo Linnea

  3. This was soo contemplative, soothing and beautiful, thank you for sprinkling my day with poetry and wisdom!

  4. What a compelling “aha moment”, All of us are fortunate to have at least one in our lifetime. And your gift of writing captures it beautifully. I’m not “religious” but I believe in science and our energy that defies death, When a recent object was captured in space trillions of light years away, it brought home how very little we know about the universe and our place in it or what lies beyond death. Death could be the end but I doubt it very much. An array of new realities could open for us and we would be caught up in amazement and joy.

    • I’m a science gal too but there is some sort of magic energy in this universe and it feels good when we can tap in.

      xo Linnea

  5. Beautiful. Funny, poignant, wise…like you, Linnea. ❤

  6. Thanks for the post Linnea

    It is great when we see things …. Sky watching and noticing something so far away – Something so close and so common – puts everything into perspective – Great to get those few moments of peace – We lost my step dad this holiday – (not cancer but sudden) sad – so peaceful and purposeful to watch the sky.

    “We are all down in the gutter
    But some of us are looking at the stars’

    or something like that – Chrissie Hynde/Oscar Wilde

    • Tom, I am sorry about your stepfather. Sudden comes with its own set of hard. And what a great quote–whomever by.

      xo Linnea

  7. Funny….I talk to the moon…easier than Mars LOL. Seeing the surgeon Wednesday to have PET scan results….cancer is back we know but how bad remains to be seen. Linnea you were the first person I followed way back in 2011 when I was dx and oncologist still referred to our cancer as BAC. Hang in there and let the beauty take over.

    • Christine, yes, at least the moon has a face 😉 Good luck with those PET results. And BAC was some time past…good that we are both yet here.

      xo Linnea

  8. Kristen Kimball

    Oh, Linnea. So, so beautiful.

  9. I am always comforted by the bigness of the universe and a feeling of belonging.

    On Mon, Jan 7, 2019 at 10:58 AM life and breath: outliving lung cancer wrote:

    > linnea11 posted: ” The first thing I saw upon opening my eyes today was > the planet Mars. Cold little fire in the early morning sky. ‘Hey Mars’, I > said. ‘Save me.’ To which Mars calmly replied: ‘I got nothing.” Honestly, I > was somewhat taken aback. But as I stared ac” >

  10. Brilliant, terrifying.

  11. Yes, exhilarating — Chills for me. You are so gifted.

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