Daily Archives: December 29, 2018

Sleeping around

I spent the bulk of the past two days prepping my loft for the exterminator that is due on Monday. And I should add that when first alerted to the bedbug issue next door some weeks ago, I both explained that I was physically unable to move all that was required and also quite concerned about exposure to pesticide (I mean, I do have lung cancer).

Well, my protests went unheeded. Today I asked for a little insight as to what to expect after Monday and was told that this would be the first of three treatments occurring every 10-14 days.

Not what I signed on for. I then sent this message to my landlord:

 I have now spent two full days shifting my loft (alone). Two brutal days even though I am also struggling with my lung cancer now. In its current state my living space is not habitable. From everything I have learned if you’d gone with the high heat method I wouldn’t have had to have moved anything, it would have been more likely to be effective, and I would not have been exposed to pesticides. 
In my five years here I have dealt with black mold, a nonfunctioning air conditioner during a heat wave, leaks (yet unresolved) and now this. I listen to a dehumidifier all day long and now a bed bug trap all night long. 
I have never asked for nor been offered a break on rent. I must now put my foot down as there is no way to justify $1850 a month to live in these conditions. 

No response, which has been the status quo.

So. I won’t be paying rent until this is resolved. Wish me luck. And, as my loft is in total disarray and will also be sprayed with pesticides not once but three times, I am simply going to find someplace else to stay.

Local? Looking for a house guest for a day or too? I am going to try to farm Kumo out to someone here in the lofts so I will be traveling lite. Hit me up if you’d like a sleepover 😉