To you, dear cancer

*thank you

In which I express my sentiments in the clearest language possible.

Yep. Had I my druthers, this relationship would be over. You, evicted; kicked to the curb. And then kicked yet again, hard. One big take that, you creep. 

Tenant from hell, you are. Sneaky, freeloading, destructive little shit. Totally without consideration for your host. Seemingly intent upon destroying the only home you’ve ever had.

Thing is, you underestimated me. 

Once upon a time I was both hesitant and more accommodating. No longer. Our incessant discord has remade me. In order to survive I have become fearless, fierce, ferocious. In this perverse game of chicken, I shall not swerve. And if I cannot shake you, I’ll take you with me.

That’s not a threat, it’s a promise. 

love, Linnea

8 responses to “To you, dear cancer

  1. You got it. Luv Sean

  2. You’re totally nuts. In a very good way.

  3. All hail the Queen!!! Keep on kicking ass 🙂
    Kate xo

  4. GO LINNEA GO!!!!! You kick that tenant right to the curb (and down the storm drain – sending it far, far away)!!!! Send you love and strength!!!!! ❤ m

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