Does it get anymore ridiculous than this

Really? A little bit of radiation is good for us? Tell me the EPA is not really on board with this: ‘Calabrese and his supporters argue that smaller exposures of cell-damaging radiation and other carcinogens can serve as stressors that activate the body’s repair mechanisms and can make people healthier. They compare it to physical exercise or sunlight.’

Perhaps chemotherapy is also good for our skin and maybe cancer itself is character building. I sure feel a hell of a lot better about my 101 chest CT’s now. And those 37 chest x-rays? Just icing on the cake.

Read the whole ridiculous article here, at STAT. And weep.

5 responses to “Does it get anymore ridiculous than this

  1. I don’t know who made the entry on Wikipedia, but here it is, in part:
    “He will be lead witness at a congressional hearing Wednesday, October 3, 2018 on the Trump Administration’s EPA proposal to allow more radiation to be released. If his “outlier” science is wrong, his testimony could lead to the illness, or death of thousands, or perhaps millions.”
    As if life isn’t difficult enough without idiots having so much influence. I’m afraid to count my scans and x-rays.
    Take good care, Linnea.
    Kate (already radioactive enough, thank you very much)

  2. Wow. Thank you for sharing that. Our country is really losing its mind—crazier and crazier. And I counted only because I need evidence to get them to stop scanning me so frequently. I too wish I didn’t know.

    xo Linnea

  3. Crazy shit

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  4. Unfortunately, our President and his Republican strong-arms in both houses of Congress are all about reducing regulation. In my personal opinion, if they could, they’d eliminate all protections from radiation and chemical pollution which could very well be the reason we get certain cancers in the first place. They seem very good at stacking the deck, making sure that only supporters of their view are represented and opponents are pushed aside before they speak.


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