A fresh concern and it’s a whopper

Sent by a straight female friend 🙂

A lot of you are friends with me on Facebook so you’ve already seen the splendid offer I received. However, too good not to share with a broader audience.

And….so very many of you have leapt into action and sent letters/faxes/emails to WageWorks on my behalf. Thank you thank you thank you.

All of your comments and suggestions have been welcome/helpful as well. One recent comment made me realize I might be in a bigger pickle than I thought if my coverage is not reinstated. Open enrollment for Affordable Care Act policies is in December. However, the end of Cobra is a qualifying event, meaning I could enroll at any time. Termination from Cobra for nonpayment is a non qualifying event, which might preclude me from getting any sort of coverage (I do not qualify for medicaid or medicare) until the end of the year. If I am misunderstanding this, please apprise me.

My rapidly developing ulcer just increased in size. As well as my determination that there is only one way this can end—so very much is at stake. So please, keep those appeals coming. I shall be sending a fresh one off later today (thanks for the tutorial in how to send a fax for free from home, Miss Kimberly).

7 responses to “A fresh concern and it’s a whopper

  1. I wonder if it is possible to argue that you did not terminate for non-payment; rather you were terminated for slightly-late payment by a miserable couple of days despite taking precautions to make sure you had paid when due.

    I also wonder if you have any friends who work for the police? I wonder if terminating the insurance of an known-impaired and terminally ill patient without reasonable accommodation for slightly late payment might be considered attempted murder if it would deprive you of the means to effectively treat your illness and also deprive you of the means to get similar insurance elsewhere (since they have your money). I wonder if your police (or the FBI because two or more states are involved) could open in investigation into that? (That might get the attention of the decision makers and executives in charge over there.)

    Best hopes,

    Craig in PA

  2. Sorry to add to your stress! I hate being the bearer of bad news!

    It sounds like you are prepared for battle and you have a lot of people supporting you.

    Keep fighting WageWorks and climb that chain of command if you need to. They cashed your check and accepted your payment, period. As far as I’m concerned that gives you a leg to stand on.

    • PS forgot to add- yes, you are understanding me perfectly. It could be different in the state you reside, so it would be worth looking into. There are times things slip through the cracks, if all else fails it doesn’t hurt to apply and cross your fingers. I’ve seen stranger things happen!

      Speaking of QLE- have you recently divorced or married? That should create an event for you if it’s within 60 days.

      • Jennifer, I am glad you apprised me—I was somehow missing that aspect and it is crucial. And no—no recent marriages (some proposals though) or divorces. I am in a tough spot but receiving a good deal of advice/support/assistance. Thanks for being part of that!

        xo Linnea

  3. Kristen Aliotti

    I haven’t read all the responses but before I forget: I hope you have also filed the appeal of the appeal, the one you said you had little hope for in an earlier post. Regardless, you may need to file that. The appeal to the denial. You don’t want to miss any filing deadlines, etc. Those deadlines can come up fast. Multiple fronts! I will be sending a letter. Also, have you called your Congressman and/or U. S. Senator? Ask for the caseworker who handles HEALTH INSURANCE. Speak directly to that person. COBRA is federal legislation, I believe, so perhaps they can help. (Working with a Congressional staffer/caseworker can be very helpful, depending on the caseworker, but you do have to keep on them. They get lots of requests and the squeaky wheel gets the attention.)

    • Thanks Kristen—second appeal should go out tomorrow, once I get a letter from my oncologist. Tomorrow I start contacting some politicos—seeing if I can make some inroads that way as well.

      xo Linnea

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