Kumo and I pay a brief visit to the Ivy League

Or rather, they paid us a visit, as I had the privilege of being interviewed for a story in the May/June issue of Harvard Magazine. The news just came through that I am a cover girl as well.

The article, Targeting Cancer, features Harvard researchers, including my personal goddess/oncologist, Dr. Alice Shaw.

Jonathan Shaw, the managing editor of Harvard Magazine, has written a marvelously comprehensive overview as to where the treatment of cancer is currently but also the directions in which it is heading. Says one researcher about acquired resistance: “We’re not going to get there in one fell swoop…We’ll get there by keeping people alive longer and longer, until eventually, it becomes a numbers game where the goal is to eradicate all the tumor cells and leave none behind that have drug resistance mechanisms that allow them to escape.”

It is the sort of heady stuff that inspires hope, and a potent reminder that some truly great minds are in this battle with us. And, that in this numbers game, each day is a little victory.

19 responses to “Kumo and I pay a brief visit to the Ivy League

  1. Congrats on your 13th year post diagnosis – Congrats on being a cover-girl – The great minds reference is comforting – What more can one ask for. T

    • Thanks Tom. And they are great minds–it struck me right from diagnosis that even though it was going to be a tough go, I’d have some formidable talent on my side.

      xo Linnea

  2. Great news Linnea. Look forward to reading the article and seeing your “cover”.

  3. Thank you for the reminder that there are some great minds out there working for us. I agree, each day is a victory. Glad to be here!

  4. We’re getting there….glad to see so much publicity on this topic finally. Stay well my friend.

    Linnea (NY)

  5. Congrats on thirteen years, and on being a cover girl, Linnea! What exciting messages of hope! BOTH events!

  6. Linea ,I truly got butterflies when I read your post,I can really see the day coming ,where this WILL happen xxxxxxxxx

  7. How wonderful and inspiring. Love reading your posts. You are my idol. 😁

  8. Fantastic! Never a better cover girl anywhere

  9. Linnea- just noticed your picture on this cover as I was going through my mail! I’m so sorry to read what you’ve been through, but so happy to see your beautiful face after almost 40 years and inspired by your story! I live in New York, and have family in Massachusetts. Would love to see you again sometime!
    Your Lacoste roommate,

    • Andrea! How incredibly exciting—I have long fantasized that you and I should meet up again. I will send you my email address—let’s make plans!

      xo Linnea

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