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  1. YAY! You rock. I will be there.

  2. I’m running a half marathon on October 22nd, almost exactly two years after my mom died of liver cancer Mets from primary lung cancer, to support lung cancer research. May I use some excerpts from this post in my fund raising message?

  3. Joann Totten. Left this earth 6 months ago today. Vibrant beautiful kind compassionate mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. Gone a month before her 52nd birthday. Please add her to your list.

    • Nancy, we will be compiling names and you may have to remind me but we would be honored to have her there. Sad, but honored none the less.


  4. I think you ladies rock!! As your Canadian “brethren” I will be keeping a close eye on what you are doing there. I think we need a global shake up. I would absolutely love to join you, however I am limited regarding finances. I will be cheering you on and if we you are going to be on social media, gladly spread the message. 💕 To you wonderful wonderful women.

  5. Seven year survivor of stage four lung cancer next week. (Oct 5)
    I hope to be in Washington in Nov.
    Thanks for your eloquent and powerful words.
    To quote others “You rock, girl”.

  6. HA! Love it. I’m on the hill tomorrow and had this issue on my list of talking points, but I was stressing the point that congress could appropriate funds as my emphasis for why it should be a National Emergency. (BTW, I had no idea that no paperwork had been put forward to formalize the great leader’s edict making the “opioid crisis” a national emergency. What incompetence!) My other congressional point that might be of use to you is in the CDMRP programs. In the 2017 CDMRP program, $120 million is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Medical Research Program, and $12 million is dedicated to the Lung Cancer Research Program. The gross investments through 2016 for those two programs show breast getting $3.24 billion, and lung getting $101.5 million. While that may have made sense in the past, the 5 year overall survival rate for breast (according to ACS) is now 99%, while it’s still less than 18% for lung. It’s time to start looking at how we appropriate the funds we are already spending, while also looking for additional monies for lung cancer.

    I think I’ll be in DC on the 2nd. I’ll know for sure within the next week or two. If I’m here, I’ll find a way to be at the capital with you! Besides, I’d love to see you again!

  7. I have had Stage IV terminal lung cancer for almost 7 years. I have worked to stay strong and positive. However, my new target therapy is $14,250.00 per MONTH. The deductible for the first month is double what I receive per month to live. I am sure I am not the only person in this situation. There have been great strides in how lung cancer is treated, if you can afford the medications. The reason I have pharmaceuticals is my daughter’s friends set up a Gofundme page and raised a couple of months worth of monies for me. People always ask me if I smoked. My answer is “Yes, for a short time while I was young, immortal and stupid.” My favorite saying is, ” Hold your breath and see how long you last.” My maternal grandparents and all the grandchildren have had cancer. Which do you think caused mine, smoking or heredity?

    Ladies my thoughts and prayers will be with you for I no long am well enough to travel. As Sara would say, “if you are going to yell, yell loud.” Here is to your very loud yell.

    The American Lung Association is having the Turquoise Tango Affair in Tampa, Fl. To raise awareness for women with lung cancer. My daughter is one of the 💃 dancers. If you have it in your heart to vote for her, Celia Merritt, thank you.

  8. Wow! If anybody can shake things up and start this campaign, it’s you. I an eagerly staying tuned! YES!

  9. If anyone would care to donate to my fundraiser for lung cancer canada here is the link. I know most of you are in the US, but we all benefit from the research regardless of location 🙂
    Linnea–if this is not ok with you, please delete and accept my apologies.

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