I just missed World Lung Cancer Day. Well, not quite. I did spit out this tweet:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.00.19 PM

For those who were able to post something inspirational, I have nothing but respect. But I just found myself unable to embrace the concept of a day devoted to lung cancer.

That’s because for those of us living with this disease, every single day is lung cancer day. And every single one of those days, we wish it wasn’t.

If we’re not dying, our friends are. This disease is a holocaust, a catastrophe, a fucking disaster. And although there is nothing wrong with ‘raising awareness’, we absolutely cannot stop there.

As important as it is to inspire, it is also necessary to incite. Complacency equals complicity, folks. And if we are going to inspire anything, it should be a sense of urgency. And raising awareness? Let’s put the money where our mouths are and raise funds; moneys for lung cancer research. How about devoting November to one giant bake sale? Or a virtual bake sale, with a go-fund campaign devoted to lung cancer. Let’s make our goal a million dollars. I mean, why not?

A cookie for a cure. Let’s do it.

11 responses to “Couldn’t

  1. TRUTH!

  2. I am in….your official Canadian representative 🙂

  3. Linnea, you made me laugh, you made me cry – I couldn’t have expressed my feelings any more perfectly than you just did! I guess I would also like to add “Happy Fucking Lung Cancer Day”.

  4. I could get behind this much easier than yesterday. The best I could muster was to like a few. DO something–that feels better.

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  5. Now I realize why I felt odd about posting anything on my social media (didn’t )or even mentioning “the day” to family or friends. (didn’t as well) You nailed it— I could not bring myself to devote/waste one precious day to the monster trying to kill me. All in for that million dollar bake sale though!

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