Little love

I suddenly find myself in a committed relationship, and nobody could be more surprised than me.

Although there are certain things I’ve missed about having a partner, I have relished living alone. Going to bed at all hours of the night and sleeping in as well, with nobody in that bloody bed but me. Playing loud music, keeping my own schedule, eating what, when and if I feel like it. Staying inside all day long, wearing anything I want or nothing at all–a beautiful way to become more comfortable in one’s own skin. It’s been a long, blessed vacation of sorts.

But then I met somebody. Or rather, my friend Brian did, wandering around out by the train tracks.

This somebody was a wee white dog and he seemed to be lost–a bit disoriented and clearly frantic. It was cold and dark outside–no place for a lost pup–and Brian asked me if I would help corral the little fellow.

That turned out to be easier said than done as our new friend was not about to let us get close to him. So Brian and I spent thirty minutes running around and chasing this wild little dog back and forth, doing our best to corner him so that one of us could grab his collar.

The situation looked hopeless until our neighbor Howie came outside with his great Pyrenees, Appa, whom the little stranger took a great interest in. Then Marianna joined us with her two pups and between the four humans and three dogs we were able to lure the stray close enough that Howie was able to grab his (tagless) collar.

Marianna provided a crate and Brian said our guest could spend the night in his loft. The next morning Brian texted me that he had some previous commitments and so I agreed to walk our little friend. When I let him out of the crate the first thing he did was grab a cat toy and start tossing it in the air. I was charmed and ended up hanging out for two hours until he trusted me enough to approach. And then I took him back to my loft along with the crate.

Several days passed with no word from Animal Control. We decided to take the dog to a local vet to see if he might be microchipped but he was not. By this point I’d given my guest a flea bath and he was sleeping in my bed rather than the crate. And, of course, I was growing fond of him.

But then, on day five, his family called. We learned that our visitor’s name was Kumo (Japanese for white cloud–I’d been calling him ghost). And I said I’d be happy to bring him to them the next day.

That last night together was bittersweet but then again I imagined how happy both Kumo and his family would be at his return.

The reality was slightly different–although they had a teenage son, there were also lots of people in and out of what appeared to be a very chaotic household. Most troubling, Kumo had run away on a Friday evening but they hadn’t even noticed he was gone until the next day. The woman asked me if I loved Kumo (yes, I did). She told me that her husband was ill and that she wasn’t really sure if she could handle the care of a dog–and that she was considering tying him up inside the house to make sure he didn’t escape.

I left her with my name and number but my heart was heavy as I closed the door. However, the reality was that Kumo belonged to this family, not to me.

One week passed and the woman called. She told me that Kumo had run away several more times and Animal Control had warned the family that they would begin incurring fines. She asked if I wanted Kumo. I told her I would call right back–I needed a moment to think.

But of course the answer was obvious.



My free dog has turned out to be quite expensive between some gastric upset, all his shots and neutering (something you get a certificate of bravery for–who knew). He has severe separation anxiety and clearly has had some mistreatment in the past–he ducks when petted, gets frightened easily, and absolutely will not come when called. In other words, in need of some tender loving care.

And I have realized just how much I missed the act of nurturing as well as having a companion.

31 responses to “Little love

  1. love this post! My puppy rain–whom I got the day my mom passed of liver cancer which was meta from the lung–has saved my life. He makes me happy every moment of every day.
    Hope you two enjoy each other for a very long time!

  2. I’m so happy for you!!!

  3. So exciting. How lucky for Kumo to have found you. He looks quite content and happy in his new home!

  4. My heart is bursting with joy for you both

  5. ❤ I'm so happy for you both!

  6. Reminds me i got a pup when i was diagnosed nearly 5 years ago. He has helped me and my family thru’ it. You get pure unconditional love from a dog. Wish you and Kuomintang well Linnea.

  7. So happy for you & your new friend. May you bring love, companionship, & comfort to each other. Bless your open heart. And the friends who noticed he needed help & helped you help him. 🐶

    • Isabelle, we have a wonderful community here. The day we found Kumo was the same day our President initiated a travel ban and it felt good and natural to welcome a traveler into our midst.


  8. Bless you! We have 4 rescued Carolina Dogs 3 born here in the Arizona desert. They each have their own personality. We are also involved with rescue groups. Our first oldest Carolina Dog (13) was in the New Haven Animal Shelter. She had been living in the projects and at age 2 had never been outside.
    You are truly giving him a charmed life and will get back much love in return. Much easier than living with a human too !

    • I don’t know what a Carolina dog is–I will have to look online. How wonderful that you have given four dogs a better life. That alone was reason for me to say yes when Kumo’s original owner called.


  9. Bless ya for taking him in. Over and over again, he will say THANK YOU!

    Regards, ‘Dots’


    • Thank you Dots. He is (to be truthful) high maintenance and not at all easy but oh those moments of pure joy! Worth it all.


  10. That’s so cool Linnea ! It will be so wonderful to see him blossom and gain confidence being with you. Sweet sweet story. Best, Dana

  11. Hi Linnea,
    A dog is the best!!! I believe God brought him to you!!!!

  12. I love your new sweetheart and am happy for both of you. The certificate of bravery made my morning❤😀

  13. This story is touching’!! Terry and I were volunteer puppy raisers for Guide Dogs for the Blind. We raised six puppies for them. If you want any quick tips just let me know. ❤ I’m so glad the story ended with you taking the pup. I started to get so sad but it ended well!! You’re the best!

  14. Can’t stop looking at this sweet picture. Happy you found each other!

  15. That’s very nice! And it makes a really good story (told with the excellence we’ve come to expect) xo

    • Hey you. Tell miss W that I have not forgotten about the package that is to come your way. And that the good part about delay is that I keep adding to it.

      xo Linnea

  16. Love, love, love this post Linnea. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a dog find us. I am sure it will be a beautiful relationship.

    • Thank you Beryl. Being a parent has been my favorite thing ever and I am back in child rearing mode for at least a while (this one’s acting like a teenager at the present).


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