Me and my hero


Linnea (me!) and Dr. Alice Shaw

Linnea (me!) and Dr. Alice Shaw

Just thought this was as good a time as any to post a recent photo of me with my personal goddess/oncologist Dr. Alice Shaw. She is a rock star and with Alice by my side I feel as safe as a person with stage IV lung cancer can possibly feel. Better than that, actually. I know my doctor will do everything within her power to achieve the best possible outcome in regard to my future. That when she says we are a team, she really means it.

Her role is to watch my cancer like a hawk and to stay abreast of any developing treatment options. She’s got that. My task is to work on being as strong as I am able–emotionally and physically–so as to better bear up under both changing health conditions and new treatment regimens. To hang onto optimism and to keep the faith. And, perhaps the most challenging of all, to continue to sit with uncertainty.

It takes commitment and an incredible amount of confidence; on the part of my doctor but also myself. Alone, I don’t believe I could manage. Together, we’re a formidable team. Cancer better watch its back.

11 responses to “Me and my hero

  1. Love this picture! And love this post!!! You two are an amazing team!!!
    ❤ m

  2. Totally agree. It takes a strong committed team. My doc, Geoffrey Oxnard at Dana Farber, is equally awesome! I’m here because of his commitment to my health and above all – quality of life!

  3. I wish I had the same kind of feeling concerning my team at MDAnderson. I know they care, but haven’t even seen my Onc the last two visits- only the PA, and my opacities in both lungs are slowly growing. Linnea, do you think Dr Shaw would take on a new patient. It would be quite a trip every three months to Boston, but could do it.

  4. Dr Shaw said you are wonderful too! You both are rock stars! Rock on!!

  5. Anita Figueras

    There’s a special kind of doctor who combines intelligence, curiosity, and compassion, and you have hit the trifecta with Dr. Shaw. Yes, the two of you are a superb team!

  6. I love Dr Shaw. She was so nice to my Aimee when she needed it the most


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  7. What a great testament to you both!!

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  8. I admire the team and your willingness to share your experience along the way.

  9. Awesome…! I feel the same about my oncologist, Jennifer Temel. We are both so fortunate to have such a great team!! I hope to see you sailing soon!

  10. Thank you for all of your posts ! You are such an inspiration 😘😍 Thank you for shinning light and also bringing courage into our lives 😄


  11. Thank you. I’ve been diagnosed stage 4 since March and you are an inspiration to me!

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