Somebody is all grown up.

Muah! Mom lays one on Peter Duff

Muah! Mom lays one on Peter Duff

Okay, not quite. But Peter Albion Duff is a high school graduate! So very exciting on oh so many levels and a major milestone for his mother as well. Seeing Peter graduate has been one of my goals and I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to be in attendance on this special day. Peter’s father David, godfather Frank, Melinda, Kihan and I weathered the storm (literally) as we watched Peter receive his diploma. He graduated Cum Laude and with two awards–The Lt. John A. Larkin Jr. Memorial Prize in Art for outstanding work in drawing and ceramics and The David M. Bitman Prize for excellence in a wide range of science subjects. We couldn’t be prouder of his hard work and accomplishments!


Linnea, Peter, Frank


Photobomb: Linnea, Peter, David, Frank


Linnea, Peter, David, Frank


Linnea, Peter, David, Frank


*Thank you Phillips Exeter Academy for providing our son with an incredible education and the generous financial aid package that made it all possible. Frank Hundley, you have fulfilled your godfather duties nicely. Melinda Lee, we couldn’t have done it without you. Any of it. Kihan, if you ever want to quit your day job, I think you have a future in photography (all pictures by Kihan). Peter, keep up the good work and we are so excited to see what the future holds for you.


7 responses to “Somebody is all grown up.

  1. Linnea, congratulations to you, Peter and your family! You must be very proud on this special day.

  2. So happy for you all! Lovely moments captured forever!

  3. A wish come true, now the next goal, survive…

  4. These pictures, especially the first one, brings an enormous smile to my face. His grin is yours.

  5. Roy Cunningham

    Congrats!  So happy for everyone!  Lotsa hard work, sacrifice and dedication to get to this point. Much success in all futures endeavors. Many blessings,Roy

  6. Linnea – I feel your joy through the photos and through your words! I can imagine how amazing it feels to be in attendance of this auspicious day!

  7. Wonderful accomplishments Peter. Now it is off to university and more adventures. Linnea and David, I know you are proud of Peter. We admire you both for being such good parents. Susan and Steve.

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