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  1. My name is Joan O’Brien I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma in November 2016 had needle biopsy in December 2016 started aggressive radiation in January 2017 four treatments five months later had repeat PET/CT Scan the tumor lower right lobe became larger and metastasized to five areas of bone another needle biopsy to determine if it was still lung cancer which it was went for bone scan I last week which showed it metastasisized to another three areas of bone went for chemotherapy on the July 31st 2017 the drug was Alimta in three weeks I will go on another drug Carboplatin along with the Alimta to see how that will work I also suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) so chemo is not easy for me my doctor had me admitted as an in patient as I am a very high risk it went well they gave me a lot of prep drugs to prevent an anaphylaxis reaction and standby drugs if one did occur do you this this protocol she wants to try may be helpful or do you have any other suggestions for me

    • Hi Joan, I did have this combo and after my first dose it was thought I might have an allergy to platinum and so my second dose was titrated and they had a crash cart at the ready. However, titrating made it much easier to tolerate and after that I had no major issues. I am hoping this proves to be the case for you as well. Chemo is no fun but if it goes after the cancer, well worth it. I do have one question–have you been tested for genetic mutations? With adenocarcinoma it is likely that you might have a mutation driving your cancer and that might make targeted therapies an option.


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