Eleven beautiful and breathtaking years

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And counting. I’ve been so busy LIVING that I have neglected to note that we just zipped on past the eleven year anniversary of my diagnosis with lung cancer. That’s right–ELEVEN BEAUTIFUL AND BREATHTAKING YEARS that I didn’t think I was going to have.

Ever mindful of what a miracle waking up is, I continue to marvel at the fact that I AM ALIVE. Today, this day–and maybe tomorrow too. And you know what? It never gets old. The good, the bad and the ugly alike–it is a privilege to be here and something I shall never take for granted (and if you are reading this, neither should you).

Several days into year twelve (!), I vow to honor the memory of those who had to leave this party far too soon. Your departures hurt and anger–but death cannot tear apart the connections we made in life.

My personal goal going forward? To shift my focus from surviving to thriving. If you run the numbers, I’ve now known I had lung cancer for almost 1/5 of my lifetime–much of that lived on hold.

No longer. It’s full throttle from here on out as I plan to see and experience all that I can possibly cram into this life I call mine. To adventure!

32 responses to “Eleven beautiful and breathtaking years

  1. Marguerite Parkman

    As always you are an inspiration.

  2. Amen to that!! I just past 6 years can totally relate on all levels! Ive also been reading you blog since diagnosis and you keep me going Linnea! Thank you for sharing always your a blessing to many!

  3. Congratulations – Love it – Good inspriration
    Hope I get that far – Surviving ->Living -> Thriving
    Thriving is a good place


  4. On to year XII! You go girl! May you have blue skies and a strong tailwind!

    Peace, Love, Joy & Happiness

  5. I am 2 years thank you for your update it gives me hope.keep fighting.

  6. To adventure! To you, Linnea! You inspire us all. Much love and health to you.

    • Thank you. And know how much it means to me that you continue to read and comment. It turns my story from a monologue to a conversation and that is so much more meaningful.

      xo Linnea

  7. As I enter my 9th year of Stage IV lung cancer survival, with unknown treatments coming up, you are my inspiration as you have been living in the unknown quite well. You give me hope that I have many more years of quality living. Thank you for sharing your journey so intimately. I look forward to getting together in May.

    • Laurie, eight down and counting! I look forward to meeting up again and comparing notes. What a strange trip it has been—taking us places we never could have imagined.

      xo Linnea

  8. A VERY good message & so inspiring! Cancer has taught me to celebrate every day. Thank you for sharing your journey. Faith, hope, courage, strength & love= Linnea.

  9. Congrats to you – my role model and inspiration even though we have never met. I am at five and one – half years now and still learning to “thrive”. It seems I am still living my life in three month increments.
    Geaux (Cajun for go) girl-wish you could mail me some of your zest 😀😀

    • Mary, I love the Geaux girl. Congratulations on five and 1/2 and know that it takes time. Three months was as far as I could see out for a long, long time. The farther I go, the more confident I become in tomorrow (as odd as that may seem). Perhaps it is my contentment with today.

      xo Linnea

  10. I feel exactly the same…starting my 11th year and am so thankful. I am amazed daily of this beautiful fulfilling life I have been given and continue to be grateful each and every day. Congratulations to you, my friend, and here’s to many more.

    • Roni, I noticed that my last three posts all used the word beautiful in the title but I think that is reflective of my overriding viewpoint. It is indeed a beautiful world and we are so very fortunate to enjoy each new day.

      xo LInnea

  11. Congratulations to you – bigtime! I didn’t realize your dx was 2 years before mine!

  12. And11 is your big number! Here’s to a magical, thriving and blooming year XII !!!

  13. I just hit 1 year in March! We are all rebels! Haha

  14. Katie Sigsworth

    Linnea dear I just stumbled on this sight because I was researching Carbo and Alimta treatment. I am coming up on 2 years and on Tarceva. Didn’t do the chemo treatment at first. Now doc wants me to do C&A every three weeks for the rest of my life. I am having a very hard time deciding what to do. Are you still on chemo? Would you go through it again if you had the choice?


    • Katie, the short answer is yes. I will march through hell if there’s something good on the other side. In my own case, chemotherapy has never been effective, so in hindsight, perhaps it wasn’t worth it. However, I would definitely do it again if I thought there would be some benefit. I hope that helps. And keep in mind that buying time is the important thing. There may be no options other than chemo now (although what about Keytruda?–I think that’s what the second gen EGRF+ inhibitor is called), but there may be something new tomorrow.


  15. Linnaean I just wondered why Lorlatinib seems to be moving through the trial stage very slowly, we have been hearing about it for ages but it seems still to be in small/early stage trial e.g. By comparison with ceritinib/alectinib now licensed thanks Alma from the UK

    • Alma, I can’t really answer that. It is frustrating that access to drugs–both those that are in trial and those already approved–is not equal. In this age of social media the disparity quickly becomes obvious. I would suggest that you inquire with both your oncologist and possibly even the sponsor of the trial (Pfizer).


  16. Kevoc208@aol.com

    Mmm thanks Linnea just really curious, don’t think my onc will know, don’t think it’s in P trial even in Europe at mo, seems slower to me than the other alk drugs to progress, not currently an issue for me as I am doing ok on 300 mg of ceritinib – low dose cos I got pericarditis on 600 mg , 3.5 plus years post diagnosis now, had crizotinib for 2 .5 years, here’s hoping …hope your neuro doc is helpful to you .Alma

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