Goodbye to a beautiful friend

Anja Stegen

Anja Stegen

When my son August and I travelled to Sweden in 2010, we visited with my pal Anja, also a lung cancer patient, and her husband Ingo and son Otto. Prior to that visit I had only known Anja online, but the two of us clicked like old friends. In the years since we have been in touch with our last communication on February 1. She told me she would be having surgery for a brain met. Two weeks later Ingo sent an email post surgery which I read as upbeat. The past few days Anja has been much on my mind and it has been my intention to contact Ingo to see how she was but today I received an email that she had passed away.

I am shocked and sad and sorry that I was not more attentive–somehow I thought we had more time; lots of time. By now I should understand how quickly things can change with this disease.

My heart breaks for Ingo and Otto, who have lost a loving wife and mom. Rest in peace sweet Anja. We will miss your good, strong hugs.


5 responses to “Goodbye to a beautiful friend

  1. Oh I am so very sorry. We always think we have time. Lovelovelove to you. Deborah

  2. I am very sorry too. God bless her and her family.

  3. Hello Linnea, I have heard so much about you from Anja and love the photo of her in your post. I still cannot believe that I will not see her again. All the best to you, Anna

    • Anna, I am so sorry—I also cannot believe I will not see Anja again nor read a message from her signed with her good strong hugs.

      ❤ Linnea

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