I love people

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On this Valentines day, 2016—I would like to send a love letter to everyone. Absolutely EVERYONE.

Why? Well, because I love people. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I know a lot of folks who feel dogs might be better than us humans, but not me. Dogs are great but people are my favorite animals of all. Nothing is more interesting to me than other people.

That doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to the fact that we, as a species, do a lot of shitty things. To the planet, other creatures and each other.

The thing is, I believe in us. People are capable of incredible empathy, kindness, generosity, grace. We can be so smart, creative and industrious. Brave, courageous, strong and tender. Altruistic. Most of us care deeply about each other, and that is perhaps our greatest ability of all—love.


22 responses to “I love people

  1. Linnea- Thank you so much for this beautiful message! Makes my heart sing and restores my faith in humanity!
    Love and blessings on this Valentine’s Day!!!
    ❤️ m

  2. Thank you Linnea! We hope you feel all the love we have for you. We love to know that you are doing well and we care about you. We love you !

  3. Xxoo 😘

  4. well spoken, as always

  5. Bless you, Linnea — your message is better than chocolate! What would we do without each other?? xoxo

  6. Long-time reader (and fan of you, your spirit and your writing) chiming in to say thank you for that beautiful message of love for humanity; you made me tear up in a good way.

    • Thanks for chiming in—it always makes my day when someone comments/introduces themselves. Glad you are along for the ride!


  7. Thanks Linnea for another beautiful post! xxxx Liz

  8. DeLovely. Sometimes it is so hard being in human skin. We must embrace eachother’s frailties. Lovelovelove to you.

  9. Amen to that. Luv Sean xo

  10. I’m SO happy to see your post! Thank you for the sweet message.
    You always brighten my day!


  11. I love dogs very much but it was such a wonderful Valentine’s message from you! People can be pretty amazing, I agree! And you certainly top that list of amazing people.

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