A pair of celebrations

As the feast that was a prelude to a major land grab (how’s that for gratitude) Thanksgiving is likely no longer politically correct. But whereas Columbus Day is just a lie (you can’t discover a place that is already inhabited), Thanksgiving Day still has some major merit. I would argue that any holiday with thankfulness as the centerpiece is worth saving. Add in what to many of us is the ultimate in comfort food and a good dose of family and it becomes pretty much the perfect way to spend the fourth Thursday in November.


My father Ollie and baby Linnea

Some of my bias is strictly personal; I was born on Thanksgiving and seven birthdays hence have coincided with turkey day; tomorrow will be the eighth. Perhaps only someone who believed they’d never have the chance to grow old is so eager to share their age; I will be turning fifty six and am both damn happy and proud of it.

In the morning Peter and I will head to Longmeadow MA for Thanksgiving with the Lee family. Melinda Lee is preparing the traditional turkey and a Korean repast. As we give thanks I shall think of all the ways in which I have been so blessed. My three wonderful children and all of my extended family. Dear friends like Melinda, who I have been close to since we met in the third grade. The wealth of other friendships–ranging from my neighbors in the lofts to my lung cancer community (many of whom I know only online but increasingly those I get to meet in person as well). My wonderful oncologist Dr. Shaw and the rest of the medical team which is working so hard to give people like me a chance against cancer. And of course, the simple (and yet astounding) fact that I am having yet another birthday.

Happy Day.

24 responses to “A pair of celebrations

  1. Happy Birthday Linnea!! Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day.

  2. Great analysis of Thanksgiving! And here’s to another trip around the sun. What ever happened to your house in Marfa, by the way? It’s way back then that I started reading your blog. I have learned a lot! Happy Thanksgiving! (p.s. I finally made it to Marfa this past year – in April 2015. Stayed at the Hotel Paisano, and will be going back again for sure! Loved the town.)

    • Kristen, the details are still being worked out but I don’t believe it is going to be mine anymore–divorce 😦


  3. I’m continually inspired by each and every post – good and bad. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    Chris Lane
    The blinc mascara lady at the 100

  4. Linnea, hope your double celebration is a blast πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€As a five year survivor of synchrous, bilateral NSCLC, I am so happy to celebrate my fifth Thanksgiving AD(after diag) and looking forward to fifth Christmas AD and 72nd birthday on Dec 19. Small celebration tomorrow- just me, hubby,and my 95 year mom. Never been much of a cook -already burnt the store-bought sweet potato pie. I suppose the kind of pie gives away my deep Southern heritage😊😊It will be a blessed day for all of us. Besides my survivorship, Mom is a 40 year survivor of colon cancer, and my hubby is a 2 month colon cancer survivor and two year melanoma survivor. So, despite the crispy pie and most assuredly a few other culinary disasters, we will be thankful for life and love. The two chilled bottles of wine will undoubtedly make the meal stupendous🍷🍷🍷 πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—Love the little emoticons-just discovered them a few weeks ago!!
    You go girl-you’re my inspiration

    • Mary, I love your emoticon filled post and Happy Thanksgiving and five years both (I’m a little behind on my responses!). I don’t know you but I have a feeling that you’re a lot of fun. Keep on keeping on!


  5. Happy birthday Linnea
    And here’s to many more
    Simone x

  6. Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving Linnea! πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  7. Happy birthday! Enjoy, celebrate and rejoice:-)

  8. A Forever of Blessings, Linnea! Happiest of Birthdays and Happy Thanksgiving or whatever is politically correct these days!

  9. Happy Birthday Linnea & Happy Thanksgiving! Keep on Dancing Linnea!!

  10. Happy birthday, Linnea, and Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll join you in being especially mindful of the blessings of life, beloved friends and family, and a quiet holiday today.

  11. Happy Birthday dear friend and fellow warrior!

  12. Happy belated birthday and Thanksgiving to you, Linnea! I hope the day was absolutely wonderful for you. I love reading your posts, they always bring such wisdom and happiness to me, the way you journey through life is so amazing. Thank you.

    • Thank you Robin—I am always happy to see a comment from you. Maybe one of these days we will have to break the fifth wall and actually meet.


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