I’m okay

Just thought I better get that out there.



16 responses to “I’m okay

  1. Glad to hear that. You seemed great on sat. So excited that we finally got to meet. xo

  2. very happy to hear this.

  3. So happy you’re okay. I was getting worried.

  4. Good to hear

    Ellen Barry

  5. Glad to hear it, its been a long time!!

  6. Thanks so much for saying so! Your fan club is happy!

  7. Glad to hear; been thinking about you!

  8. So good…….I’ve been holding my breath!!

  9. that is good to hear. You are in my thoughts often Linnea ❤

  10. Good to hear that! I’m ok, too. Always thinking about you, Linnea.

  11. Happy you’re okay. I’ve been checking.

  12. You must have posted after I made my daily check-in yesterday. I hope that you are pursuing your well-deserved happiness, my dearest Linnea.
    xoxo ❤

  13. ❤ well wishes! Chrissy

  14. Great news!!!!

  15. Laura Vanryckeghen

    Wonderful news! You are in the hearts and prayers of many!

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