Word of the day: Optimism

I just made an appearance in the Massachusetts General Hospital Newsletter: Targeted Cancer Therapies Make MGH Patient Optimistic — MGH Giving.

Serendipity I guess, as it looks as if I’m about to enter my third clinical trial for a targeted therapy. On the 28th of April I will have a CT scan and then meet with Dr. Shaw. The expectation is that the scans will show progression; (but it sure would be nice if that expectation was inaccurate) and the plan is that I will sign the paper work to enter the PF-06463922 trial. If it’s a go, washout begins the following day; I will likely start the trial two weeks later.

In the meantime, I’m getting excited. Teeny bit nervous, but overwhelmingly (yes, it’s true) optimistic. Here’s hoping the third times a charm…

18 responses to “Word of the day: Optimism

  1. Sending good thoughts and lots and lots of HOPE!!!!! 🙂

  2. Three’s a lucky number, I definitely think third time is a charm Linnea – I’m optimistic too! You must have been a pioneer woman in a past life – you are always a trailblazer! Strong positive vibes flowing to you from the west coast!

  3. So excited for this new road you will be traveling. Wishing you so much success for fantastic results. And, congratulations on the article.

  4. wishing you the very best. always keeping you in my prayers. sending much love.


  5. Hooray! At last! You’ve been so incredibly patient waiting for this trial to start and then for a chance to try this new drug that seems like it might offer a good benefit.

    I hope the dose they give you can be high enough to be potent initially, and hope it can be escalated to keep it effective for as long as possible. For starters, I’ll hope your most annoying symptoms vanish within hours or days.

    Best hopes,


  6. Hi Linnea!
    While I hope your scans are progression-free I am glad to hear there is another option if you need it. Is this trial a second or third gen inhibitor? My husband just had his second round of scans since starting Xalkori in December. Most everything is still shrinking, however two pesky nodes look like they may be progressing. We will know for sure when they rescan in May. Take care and thank you for providing inspiration and hope to those of us who are new to the world of lung cancer.

  7. Hello Linnea,
    My nurse practitioner , Jennifer Logan gave me your blog address. I am so Glad I found you! You are very inspiring. I live a very similar situation since 2011, and, like you, I am very positive and proactive. I paint and do creative stuff with my 9 years old twins and I promise them i will be around when they will be growin ups.
    I have been developing an idea lately that It must become my new life. For me and my kids. It is something that it will help me and people that live with cancer. But, I never done anything like this, i am an italian professor who decided to give up with the carrier this May ( after 15 years of teaching at Harvard) and change life for ever. I need though advice and suggestions from many people.
    For this reason i wanted to get in touch also with you and talk about it. Will you email me if I leave here my e-mail address?
    Thank you so so much

  8. How exciting! Best of luck to you. I am following that trial closely, as it is my logical next step when Xalkori stops working.

    I hope it works wonders on you!


  9. Yes, yes, yes.

  10. Optimistic!!! That three is the charm for you LInnea. Meanwhile, you continue to inspire me with your candor and the light you bring to the world. love you

  11. Wishing you the very best in the new trial!

  12. Sending good wishes and thoughts to you.

  13. Fingers and toes crossed for you!

  14. Linnea – Your story is amazing. I think you should now give a TED talk!
    I’ve been happy all day after reading your great news. I’m optimistic that it’s going to work!
    hugs, Laurie

  15. Sending lots of positive energy your way and wishing you the very best!

  16. Hope all goes well today Linnea. Today the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Very optimistic signs.

  17. 3rd time is a charm. Congrats on your new venture! Sending lots of hugs and positive energy your way!

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