Speck of an update…

I am lying in bed in my sister Laura’s guest room in Austin, Texas. My nephew Eli just awakened me with a cup of coffee (room service!). Then his brother Hale came in to show me a boat that he constructed out of a cereal box—once I haul myself out of bed he wants to launch it in their pool out back.

I can hear my brother-in-law Andy and my nephew Max going over some last minute preparations—in a couple of hours we will be attending Max’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

This dose of family is just what my spirit needed. It has been a jam-packed and somewhat crazy few weeks: the trip to San Francisco with my gang of friends from high school–back home for two days and dinner with Peter Duff at Exeter–a weekend in Santa Monica for the first GRACE conference for ALK-ers (those of us with ALK mutations)–two more quick days home and the beginning of treatment (Xalkori) and now, Austin.

Photos and more complete updates are forthcoming, but in the meantime I’ve barely had time to catch my breath. It’s all good though—each inhale and exhale both.

4 responses to “Speck of an update…

  1. I’ve been reading your blog, attentively. Being “the patient” as opposed to “the physician” or the nurse” is a difficult transition. Yet, it appears that you are handling it with grace and eloquence. Kudos to you! I stumbled across your blog as I continued to look for a miraculous cure for inoperable , stage III, pancreatic adenocarcinoma. My 66 year young mother was diagnosed 9 month’s ago. I know the statistics, what treatments she has endured to present, and how she is. But, I , still, find myself in search of the “Holy Grail.” This is how I came across your blog. I must confess that I have the utmost respect for what you must be experiencing in all aspects of your life journey. I will include you and yours in my prayers. I fear saying something cliche. Therefore, I will ,simply, state that your strength, attitude, and disposition are impressive and beautiful! I thank you for taking the time to share your blog with the world.

  2. Linnea, praying all is well. Peace and comfort to you and yours, Strong Lady

  3. Annie England

    Hi there, I have been reading a couple of your blogs and I feel really inspired by you! I lost my step mother to cancer many years ago and now I am training to be an adult nurse in the UK with a particular interest in oncology. I have been looking for people to shed some limelight on a couple of things for me (If you are willing) about the nurses roles that you have come across and which aspects were the most important to you, your input would greatly help me with my understanding and I would love to chat with you more, if at all possible. I’m sure from the comments that you have been getting you have inspired many others and I would appreciate your time! Annie

  4. Comments now on, yay! Thinking about you, my dear Linnea.

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