Digging out

What's not caked in snow is coated in ice…

What’s not caked in snow is coated in ice…

I am rather certain I’ve used that particular title before, but it really can be so apt. My trip to Baltimore came to a conclusion on Sunday, just after the storm that passed through. The back of my car was nothing compared to the front (although I had only a CD case with which to scrape off the layer of ice):

There's a car under there somewhere…

There’s a car under there somewhere…

A plastic coat hanger filled in for a shovel and a mere twenty minutes later, I pulled out of the airport parking lot (thank goodness for four wheel drive).

That was forty-eight hours ago and I’ve squeezed more excitement in since. However, real life beckons as do the looming pile of boxes. So—tonight, I will begin recounting the events of the past few weeks. Hasta la vista…

6 responses to “Digging out

  1. Welcome back to Western Ave.

  2. Love the Cancer Onboard sticker…..

  3. Yikes! Good to see you and hope you can visit again soon. We’re counting the days until Christmas vacation.

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