A hotel in Baltimore…

It has been six of the craziest weeks of my life ever. The move to Lowell was a trip (make that several) and I couldn’t have done it without my friends—I know I am an inveterate over-promiser, but details to follow once I’ve got a real moment. I’ll just add that I love my new home…but first, I’ve got a big day ahead of me.

I am, in fact, in a hotel in Baltimore. Some months ago I agreed to be a peer reviewer for the DOD CDMRP again. This was before I understood that my life was about to go kablooey. I participated in the online cycle (for the third time), but am now in Baltimore for the live version of peer reviewing. I can’t begin to do this experience justice in the few minutes I now have….so this too will be revisited.

And about that cancer (mine). I had a scan review a week ago and it has also been busy, but not excessively so. Dr. Shaw figures I can sit this out for at least another month.

To put it (the cancer) into quick perspective, the largest lesion, nodule, or consolidated mass is 4 by 1.9 cm. There are several smaller nodules in both lungs and a hazy area which is also becoming more consolidated. A respectable amount of malignancy and yet, as I continue to feel remarkably well, the plan is to hold off on a treatment decision until after the holidays.

And now, I must hop into the shower before I head downstairs to serve my country (a little cheeky, but hey, it’s not everyday that I’m a contractor for the Department of Defense).

One response to “A hotel in Baltimore…

  1. You are one busy defense contractor! Can’t wait to hear about the big move — or, rather, how you’re liking your new digs. Glad you can postpone treatment decisions until after the holidays, so you can enjoy said holidays and your exciting new life!


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