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Rat race

I would imagine all three of my children remember the time when I, riding the down escalator, got a particular gleam in my eye, said “I can do this” and started to run up the down escalator to where they were all standing. I made it to the top, where I tripped/sprawled forward, packages et al. In one of my proudest mama-moments, none of my children reacted by pretending that they did not know me. In fact, they all came running to make sure I was okay.

I posted this observation and video on Facebook the other day, knowing my kids would get a kick out of it. I have always had a ‘can-do‘ attitude. However, sometimes can-do and my knack for risk taking pair up and invite poor judgement along for the ride as well, generally to the detriment of my health.

Per wit: this morning I had a dust-up with a dresser, and the dresser won. It began innocently enough, as I made the decision to relocate a lamp. En route to its final resting spot, I saw that my path was blocked by an assortment of boxes, scattered clothes hangers and loose papers. At that moment, I should have turned back. But no

My left foot caught in the hem of my bathrobe, and I  stepped right onto the slippery pile of papers. Disaster. Focussed on not dropping/breaking the lamp, I pitched face first into the corner of the dresser. The lamp was fine, and (miraculously) only the glass vitrine that crashed to the floor was broken. Truly, I could have done so much more damage.

The area around my left eye is a bit scratched up and may yet develop into a shiner. Hopefully I learned something though. The willingness to surmount obstacles is undoubtedly a useful quality, but not when undermined by foolhardy impulsivity. First, do no harm.

Digging out

What's not caked in snow is coated in ice…

What’s not caked in snow is coated in ice…

I am rather certain I’ve used that particular title before, but it really can be so apt. My trip to Baltimore came to a conclusion on Sunday, just after the storm that passed through. The back of my car was nothing compared to the front (although I had only a CD case with which to scrape off the layer of ice):

There's a car under there somewhere…

There’s a car under there somewhere…

A plastic coat hanger filled in for a shovel and a mere twenty minutes later, I pulled out of the airport parking lot (thank goodness for four wheel drive).

That was forty-eight hours ago and I’ve squeezed more excitement in since. However, real life beckons as do the looming pile of boxes. So—tonight, I will begin recounting the events of the past few weeks. Hasta la vista…

A hotel in Baltimore…

It has been six of the craziest weeks of my life ever. The move to Lowell was a trip (make that several) and I couldn’t have done it without my friends—I know I am an inveterate over-promiser, but details to follow once I’ve got a real moment. I’ll just add that I love my new home…but first, I’ve got a big day ahead of me.

I am, in fact, in a hotel in Baltimore. Some months ago I agreed to be a peer reviewer for the DOD CDMRP again. This was before I understood that my life was about to go kablooey. I participated in the online cycle (for the third time), but am now in Baltimore for the live version of peer reviewing. I can’t begin to do this experience justice in the few minutes I now have….so this too will be revisited.

And about that cancer (mine). I had a scan review a week ago and it has also been busy, but not excessively so. Dr. Shaw figures I can sit this out for at least another month.

To put it (the cancer) into quick perspective, the largest lesion, nodule, or consolidated mass is 4 by 1.9 cm. There are several smaller nodules in both lungs and a hazy area which is also becoming more consolidated. A respectable amount of malignancy and yet, as I continue to feel remarkably well, the plan is to hold off on a treatment decision until after the holidays.

And now, I must hop into the shower before I head downstairs to serve my country (a little cheeky, but hey, it’s not everyday that I’m a contractor for the Department of Defense).