Daily Archives: November 29, 2013


Thanksgiving is traditionally my favorite holiday. Food, more food, and a day devoted to family and gratitude: ┬áit doesn’t get much richer than that. And the fact that I was born on Thanksgiving means that every few years the holiday coincides with my birthday.

This year represents a bit of a departure. Peter is in Mattapoisett with his dad, Meema, Grampy Don and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. Jemesii spent the holiday in Boston with her boyfriend Justin; August in Ft. Collins with my sister Bink and her family. I am in Longmeadow with my friends Melinda, Kihan and their son Christopher.

Melinda has spent much of the day in the kitchen; I’ve been helping out with some side dishes and a rather feeble attempt at gravy. A malfunctioning oven threw us for a bit of a loop, but dinner was still delicious. Earlier in the day we’d watched a favorite little jewel of a Thanksgiving Movie, Pieces of April. Ironically, a malfunctioning oven is part of the plot line:

It’s been a lovely time and I am grateful for the care and company of dear friends. But I do miss my family on this day.