Getting on

Down to the dregs

Down to the dregs

I’m back at the house after a few fun sleepovers—as soon as I have time to ‘talk’ I will provide more details and (!) a some visual aids as well. In the meantime, I’ve gotten to that nasty part of packing:  the bitter end. To wit, I had a fierce craving for a cocktail last night. There was vodka, but no ice or olives. So I worked with what I had. Lemon gatorade, mulled frozen blueberries, and some of that vodka. Don’t think it will become a standard, but it worked in a pinch.

I’ve had excellent company while I box up the last of my crap-I-mean-treasures, and I’m not talking about Buddy. Peter is home from PEA for Thanksgiving and he’s been hanging with me for the first half of break. Loads of laundry, a haircut, and new winter boots have all been crossed off our list.

This afternoon Peter will join David in Mattapoisett for the holiday and I will head on down to Melinda and Kihan’s for a few days. But not before Peter and I go out for a birthday breakfast and then on to see this flick:

Did I say birthday? I did. Fifty four years old. Me. Never thought it would happen. But it has, and I’m here to tell you that getting old is not something to bemoan. It’s not a problem, it’s the solution to a problem. Rather than objecting to the notion of aging, I can tell you it is my objective. I want to be an old lady. And I’m well on my way!

To life!

28 responses to “Getting on

  1. Happy Happy birthday! I know how you feel – I am aiming for the same. Sending you lots of joy and good wishes.

  2. To you, a marvelous person, have a marvelous birthday!!

  3. Valerie Goldstein

    Happy birthday and many more!

  4. Happy happy birthday Linnea!!

  5. Getting old is a privilege. I want to be privileged!

  6. Happy Birthday Linnea! I LOVED the last paragraph to your post! -DK

  7. “Getting old aint for sissy’s” and you aint no sissy! Cheers

  8. You continue to be an inspiration! Wishing you an extremely happy birthday and so many more to come!!

  9. Happy Birthday! Ever since my Dad’s cancer diagnosis it has really bothered me when people complain about getting old. ESPECIALLY my 30 year old friends. We should all see it as a gift!

    • Melissa, in this culture of youth, a shift in attitude (back to gratitude!) is needed. When people complain to me about getting older my pat response is ‘it sure beats the alternative’.


  10. Happy, Happy birthday Linnea. Older is greater, isn’t it? Glad you are having some son time with Peter and wishing you a very happy and delicious Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

  11. I just found your blog and you are an inspiration, thanks for sharing this.
    A couple of years ago I was pulled up short when I went to the optician as my distance vision was deteriorating, and I bemoaned this fact, and its link to middle age. She quite rightly reminded me that this was much better than the alternative, and she was absolutely right to, especially given she lost her brother in a horrific accident some years ago, and I am a breast cancer survivor.
    I will never make that mistake again, I promise you – not even if I live to be 101!
    Very best wishes for your new life and a happy birthday to you x

    • Julie, thanks for sharing that poignant story. Certain moments in life have the capacity to really impact us and it sounds as if your take-away from that day was life-changing. Thanks also for the good wishes.


  12. A little bit late but hope you enjoy anyway.

  13. Cristina Thorson

    You make a great old lady! Here’s to a ton more wrinkles, creaks, some groans, and memories, and I mean it! Love you and thinking of you on your birthday

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