Brief respite

One hundred feet east

One hundred feet east

I’ve had a two day break from packing. Truth is, I’d hoped to be done by now but the task is rather herculean in scope. When it comes to acquisitiveness, my sins are both copious and varied; books being one of the greatest. The good news is that all three kids love to read (how could they not?). However, I can’t tell you how many trips I’ve made to the liquor store to fetch appropriately sized boxes–big enough for larger volumes but not so big that I can’t lift them once filled. And of course, I’ve also purchased the occasional bottle of wine; liquid courage as well as a courtesy in exchange for all the free cardboard.

David wanted a few days at the house before I resume my bundling, and so I’ve been taking a break with my friends Sadie and Pete. They are living in a seasonal rental (read winter, and so quite reasonable!) on Plum Island; a spit of land backed by tidal marsh and fronted by ocean. It’s a quirky but spectacular location, seemingly remote and yet minutes from Newburyport. Yesterday I grabbed lunch at a wonderful little shop called Joppa Fine Foods (named for the nearby Joppa Flats); this morning I walked down the road for black coffee to go from Mad Martha’s. I’m currently sitting by the fire–this place is pretty luxe–but in a few minutes, I’ll be hitting the road back to reality.

10 responses to “Brief respite

  1. You are a mentor for me through your writing and example of living fully while coexisting with this disease. My two year canceverssary is next month. Our life circumstances are somewhat different but I feel like I am stepping in the footprints you are leaving in the sand and it makes my journey easier. I wish you courage and peace and long life!

  2. What a wonderful and peaceful image.
    Thank you

  3. Oh Mad Martha’s! We had a relative who was a wee bit mad and called Martha, and when I took my mum to Plum Island once we had to photograph the battered old sign pointing to the shop, it made us laugh so. As for Plum Island, I think of it has one of the most healing places on earth, mystical and magical and sweet. May its spirit keep yours afloat! xxxxx

    • Liz, it is a wonderful place; and it always seemed so close and yet so far when I lived in Ipswich. I like the fact that although it is inhabited on the northern end, the southerly tip is so wild and wooly—particularly on the side facing the ocean.


  4. Glad you’re getting a break from reality in a beautiful spot with healing, helpful friends, dunes, and good eats. Thinking of you all the time xo

    • And you too. And W as well. Hope she still loves me even though her birthday came and went without an acknowledge 😦 I suppose listening to music that reminded me of her just doesn’t count….time to catch up me thinks!


  5. Just saying hi. It’s amazing how peaceful your writing is,even through the drama you describe. I’m glad you’re keeping your blog up to date and glad I stopped by. See you at pfac (in the spring, I hope…). Sending good waves/ted

    • Hey Ted. I’m a keep on keeping on sort of person. Kind of like this:

      Yep. Just keep moving; that’s my motto! Hope to see you soon….

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